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Storage Jar help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jetlife92, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. my buddy uses those for his crops
    said his buds started to get dry after 4 months
    im not sure how much of it was true
    i say get it
  2. alright fuck it
  3. Mason jars
  4. yeah... all i wanna know is if the jar i posted fits under that category or atleast similar
  5. its air tight and holds it like mason jars
  6. image-3202956976.jpg

    I use something like this and bought it real cheap at Michaels. You can hit up any craft store and they will have something nice with a suction lid.
  7. I have just seen this thread, i actually just posted one myself,

    I have found that a brown medicine pill bottle, with a childproof top, is airtight and leaks no smell what so ever.

    But it all depends how much you need to store.

    I should think if it is made fore pills it will be totally airtight, plus it is safe incase a child gets hold of it, plus because it is brown if left out in the sun it will not affect your stash.

    It is made to keep meds fresh and to keep the atmosphere from degrading them so i guess its perfect for your stash.
  8. Yeah, jetlife92, it's pretty much the same thing.. Mason is just a brand name..
  9. ^What this person said.

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