Storage / hidden in plain sight for toking tools - ie SSV and small pieces

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  1. So Im looking to put my SSV in something as not everyone that comes over can be guaranteed to be toking friendly. ( some friends, friends of friends, co-workers and so on )

    Something that can just sit in a corner, on an end table, on the coffee table, beside the couch, on a shelf out in the open.

    So Id like to pick up a box, or container of some sort to put my SSV, bubble attachment, and all my other items in. I think like 1 foot by 1 foot would do well.

    I was thinking maybe even something with a decorative top - put decorative rocks on it or something. I was considering an ottoman but finding one that matches my existing furniture will be hard...AND they tend to get moved around a lot if you have people over.

    Anyone have something like this? A coffee table with many compartments would be great as well..but just seeing if anyone can recommend actual products!
  2. The better it blends in the better. Heck even call it a large candle holder. Put a massive candle on top or a few. Get my drift?

    Or a modern decorative safe?
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    Lift up coffee table

    Edit: can't upload the pic but go to and go to home stuff and scroll all the way to the bottom

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