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  1. Let's say all technological advances stopped or rather reached a peak. Humans have solved all major world problems with this advancement.

    All basic material needs are met for the majority of the species. Would there still be a need a controlling force keeping governments separate, to make money, to keep an eye on its people?

    If there wasn't a need for any of these things, how would you think humans would advance with their existence? I would think people would let go of the traditional negatives of daily life (greed,racism,fear,jealousy etc.) and start to develop a sense of we are living on the same planet and everyone is as deserving as the next. The class system really imo is keeping us down. Keeping people safe is one thing keeping people under control is another.

    Then on the other hand we could slip in to a world where we become lazy and not giving a fuck about anything since we have no hardships or lessons to learn. Where the only vices of your day would be not having a good enough one. People indulging themselves on whatever they please good or bad for themselves and others.

    Idk really, I'm just feeling like as a much control you think you have or how much of a difference you think you could or are making in your own life as well as others there will always be something or someone to categorize and judge whatever is going on. Do we need so much security into knowing what is going on that we overlook something greater that could be happening?

    I think not knowing what, helps us realize that we don't need to know the so called 'truth','meaning' to life and leaves table open for anything. Infinite amounts of finite humans thoughts, thoughtful as the next. Where does wrong exist in infinity? All in your head.
  2. I think development and evolution is hardwired and not an option for humans. If we conquered our external technological problems we would turn to social and emotional problems of the individual and the collective.

  3. I think I haven't stopped, but I've definitely slowed down. I don't want to have kids. I don't want to have a big screen tv. I don't want to make 100k+ a year. I don't care about the evolution of my becoming a person with a family, material wealth, and a high-earning career.

    Yet, I care about my health, my family members, my friends. I care about the evolution of my relationship with these things. Being aware of the stuff around you makes you feel different. It's like Neo in the Matrix. When you're aware of the bullets coming at you, when you're truly aware of the relationship between you and the moving projectiles, everything slows down. Time works different.

    Everything stops when you abandon everything. Like my personal example, losing the importance of health and my relationship with other people is speeding me up.

    Stopping is something like when the Vietnamese monks burned themselves and they didn't flinch to the chemical reaction between their body and the fire. It's difficult for me to explain because all my words have moral implications. Like when I use the word "abandon", I mean to use it in a very specific sense, but you the reader may interpret in a different manner.

    All I can say is the slowing down or stopping is not bad and won't make you lazy. It'll make you ignorant of certain stuff (you will not understand the pleasures of earning a lot of money), but it'll open you up to new experiences (able to appreciate the smell of flowers in a different manner than before).
  4. If we reached a point to where we can no longer advance, that will be Armageddon.
  5. technology is a product of our intelligence and imagination, not a means to an end.

    to think of a time when technology will no longer evolve, is to think of a time when humans will cease to evolve.

    if that is the way it is, you don't need to worry about what comes after that.

    cause you can't even think or imagine it, ya dig?

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