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Discussion in 'General' started by KarlC, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. So, here it goes. Unsure if this is the right place to post this and if I'll get any serious answers, but hey!

    First post here, so hey guys! Seems like a nice community of stoners, but here's my problem. I finished college around a year and half ago and haven't seemed to do much since (besides get high), so I've enrolled on a course and start next week. Counselling, and another course that's focused on drug misuse.

    I want some voluntary work, so I decided to stop smoking weed incase they want to some some drugs tests. I'll apply in a week or two..

    I also stopped smoking cigs. I haven't had none since New years day now, and I must say.. DAMN! The intensity. I've been sat around all day wanting to smoke, feeling intense anxious/anger. It's a mixture of both. Like a built up tension inside me that will just blow up any minute!

    I'm also a pretty political person who looks at world affairs and such, and I dunno. I'm pretty concerned about the world, and it seems without weed, the information I've been taking in for years now seems to get me down. It's like I can't stop thinking about it (even worse than I did when I used to get high), and as though weeds been giving me a chance to block that out.

    I don't drink, I don't work so don't get on vacation much, so weed is really the other thing I use to 'space out', or 'escape reality'. I'm not 100% sure I even want to stop. I like to write, but without weed I don't have no imagination, no thoughts, writers block (currently in process of writing a book but I've been stopped for days now without weed.. when I have weed, I go crazy writing great ideas)..

    So, what should I do guys? I'm not 100% certain they drug test me, and I heard that some guys who work at the place I'm wanting to apply at even smoke it themselves. Should I just continue to blaze or give it a few more days or? I'm in two minds here, and I'll see what you guys think as to whether I should smoke weed or not!!! Give me some advice, stoners!

  2. I don't believe in needing drugs for the reasons you say: (increased creativity, less 'down', "I have no imaginations" etc)

    If ever I find myself with an attitude like the one you got now, I instantly take a tolerance break to clear my head and get back on a straight and narrow. I'm taking this very second, from ALL my crutches, weed, cigarettes, coffee, and masturbation; because fuck needing a substance or an activity to get through the day.

    Do what you want OP, but do you really want to have to smoke weed your whole life so you don't get down by world news? It'd be more beneficial for your brain to be able to cope with sad things without needing a constant influx of dopamine to stave away the sadness.

    Once you get into volunteering and the cravings stop, with time you will be able to be happy without weed, and your creativity will flourish as well.

    Thats my suggestion
  3. I have been a long break for a while too. Moderation is the key in my opinion, but we all are different and can decide what's best.
  4. I know, it's not good to block out events and thoughts / feelings with a substance. But without it, I can't bear it. To know what's happening in the world, why and how it's happening, and to connect the dots to each event is a big thing to hold on your shoulders.

    The economic collapse (yes... collapse, this is NOT a recession), 'war on terror', the war building up with Iran (and WW3, most likely).. and how it's all backed by the same guys at the very top just.. amazes me.

    Some people shop. Some people go on holiday. Some people drink.. I need weed. Without it, I'm lost.
  5. Like I said man, your choice. But don't go blaming the world for the fact that you burn, you are perfectly capable of getting by without the ganj
  6. Of course, sure. It's my fault I got this dependancy, but at the end of the day I think everyone in the world has something...

    Religion, shopping, holidays, drinking, whatever. I think due to how the world is with daily struggles and such, we all need an escape. I don't find happiness in any of the above, I'd rather use weed as my 'escape'.. I think I just need to stop using it how I do and calm it down a little. Maybe go from full 3 skinner joints to just one skinners :)
  7. But thats it..escape? in a positive manner there hobbies, people find things they like to do that they enjoy to help pass time. To live life to the fullest, get an imagination man, stop being such a negative nancy and be happy that your here on this beautiful plant, there is no need to escape.
  8. Life is short, If it feels good do it.

  9. :rolleyes:

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