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  1. hey guys i have my 4 plants in a cupboard with some mylar then a towel over the door to stop light getting out but my room is starting to smell of weed my mum came in today and said it smells of weed in here 24/7 (she thinks its because im smoking it) i didnt think they'd smell till i started to flower so didnt really bother trying to stop it the smell is different from smoking it if she knew more she could easily work out what it is so any idea's for stopping the smell?

    some pitures

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  2. carbon scrubber or ona gel
  3. would the fan on a carbon scrubber make alot of noise they look like they would i need something quiet enough so no one could hear it from outside the cupboard

    thanks for your reply Swa_Swa
  4. honestly if it's in your bedroom put something that smell's stronger, like an air freshner, small bowl of vinegar, negative ionizer(cheap and easy), or even just start keeping your dirty ass laundry near the closet
  5. If your having problems and they're not even in flower yet... Your gonna have some issues of mommy reaaaally soon.

    Odor eliminating, energy saving light bulbs.. GET SOME NOW. They're awesome and will kill ANY smell of weed or anything else within 5-10 minutes. Place one in your room, and one somewhere through out the house... Also... If you can try and find a place where you can leave the light on 24/7 and not disturb you or your plants while your sleeping. It needs access to moving air to clean the smell out and i actually have mine behind my bed(futon in a sitting position) with a PC fan i hooked up to a DC adapter and i can sleep fine at night.. Just like a little night light but my PC has blue LEDs so im used to it lol

    If you have PC fans running for ventilation, you can also use a micro scrubber i found while i've been over at icmag.

    Also.. A vaportek wall unit would easily handle your smell problems... costs around like $30
  6. wow i really like the idea of that light bulb i'll probably get one of those, could i just put it in with the plants along with my other lights? 2 floros and 2 cfl's so far

    i just got a can of oust today till i can get something better sorted out im planning to get a house soon anyway then i can fill a whole room with plants and fan noise wont be such a big problem

    thanks everyone for your idea's
  7. Yes you can.. They're low wattage and are at the lower end of the spectrum.. 2700k, so they'll be ideal to have in there during flowering as well as for smell

    G'luck dude!
  8. if shes knows you smoke it just be honest and tell her your trying to grow it.

    tell her that growing your own means you wont have to take the risk of buying it on the street :p

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