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  1. I know that it is best to stop using ferts 2 weeks or so before harvest, but as a first timer, how do you know what they look like at this stage?
    The plants in question are skunk/s.India and they went into flower under 24 hr. light 4 weeks ago (400w hps). They have been on 12/12 since then and seem to be flowering well, the top buds are about 8 inches long/ 1 1/2 diameter, and many smaller buds lower down.The plants themselves are only 22 inches high(bonsai ! ) and because of the unusual way they started flowering, i dont trust the flowering time given on the packaging (9-12 wks). Quite a lot of the leaves are yellowing now ( Nitro migration ? ) Sorry to be so long-winded but i wanted to be sure you had all the info. Any ideas anyone ?
  2. damn dude you are reading my mind i was wondering the same thing....i was thinking that when the pistols were just starting to change but i'm gonna wait till you get an answer..
  3. Ave,

    I have been browsing around, and Here is what I gather... this would be nice to know for sure, so anyone with the answer, please take a minute and share it.

    From what I gather, you want to harvest when about 70% of the pistils have browned, (this is when its at its peak according to the articles i stumbled on)
    I am not sure how much of a difference a week or two makes after the plant has reached this point, this i think is the base question to resolve, when to harvest. so if this is the case, if you have monitered how quickly your bud has produced and how quickly it is dying off, you should be able to estimate when the harvest time will be reached, and whatever that figure is, you stop approx. 2 weeks before this point, (make any sence? I am not sure, just a suggestion) woody also reccomends to stop all watering a week before you decide to make the big cut, as it is going to die anyway, and will aid in the drying process. sounds right to me.

    Again, anyone with any other answers/ know what to do...thanks ;-)
  4. damn dude you must have your thinking cap on .i sure didn't use mine this morning i should have thought of that...thanks a bunch for the makes perfect sensi to me..
  5. It's all practice. It is a beautiful concept. Glad I could help.

    Have a good day.
    Ave atque vale.

  6. This will also help to increase the resins, as the plant begins to dry out the resins increase in the hope of keeping the leaves from drying out.
    good luck

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