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  1. I'm regularly athletic and haven't smoked in forever so I'm not asking if I'll pass.
    My question: exercise is the best way to get thc out of your system. But how long before the test should you stop working out? I feel like if you work out the day of the test you'd have a worse chance of passing than if your body didn't burn any fat that day.
    Any comments? I guess personal experiences are the only way to know this, sadly. I was just curious. I'm gonna work out up until the day before and day of.

    Edit: I feel like a fat person who hadn't smoked in months could fail if they suddenly started working out a day before the test and fat was burned off from months ago.
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  2. To be safe, I wouldn't work out for 4-7 days before the test.
  3. 2 days and then eat like a pig so you're gaining weight.
  4. [quote name='"xdog"']2 days and then eat like a pig so you're gaining weight.[/quote]

    I feel like you'd actually want to stop eating if anything. Eating would speed your metabolism, fasting might slow it down? Just a thought. Brainstorming, hahah. What were you thinking with the weight thing though? I'm not attacking it, just curious where you're coming from.
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  5. Wanted to update everyone on my thoughts. Apparently exercising doesn't keep burning your fat for hours and hours like I had thought. They call it "after burn" and it only lasts an hour or a few hours depending on the intensity of your workout.
    With that said, I think I'm going to exercise hard up until the day before the test. In the mean time, I'll be drinking lots of fluids. I know that water doesn't flush out the thc from your fats, but if you BURN the fats with a workout, and THEN flush your system with water, it should get the thc out of your system that you burned. Right?
    Anyway, I'm giving that a try. I think I had a .5 edible about 2.5 weeks ago, and the test is in a few days. I'll let everyone know how it goes. I probably sound relatively calm about this, but it more or less ruins my life for the next couple years if I fail it. Lol. Would've been nice to have some notice on this test but I just found out about it yesterday.
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  6. Whats the test for?
  7. I smoke almost everyday and I run almost 6 miles every three days. I have gotten clean in 4 days before according to Walgreen drug test.
  8. This, but I'd say 4-5 days is good. You'll want to stop burning fat a few days beforehand, because the burned fat just melts away the metabolites..and they come out by way of urine.
  9. [quote name='"Soaring"']Whats the test for?[/quote]

    Just a drug test in general for a job, praying that it's a piss test. Not sure how the hair one works but I've only smoked/ate 2 grams in the last 7 months so I'm not sure what to expect...I'm pretty fit though and the last time I ate an edible was a .5er on July 10th..
  10. Okay so I found out I was gonna get dropped on Friday night so I started working out a lot on Saturday, Im getting dropped on Thursday. I've been exercising a lot to get the thc out and drinking cranberry juice and water and this and that. But is it true that I should stop exercising and start eating fat foods 2 days before my test?
  11. Depends on a lot of factors, but we all have our own theories. How often do you smoke? How's your metabolism? I've known skinny guys who have smoked daily and passed piss test after only 2 days. Just keep working out as normal, I wouldn't work out the day of the test but aside from that you're good. I don't think the cranberry juice is really going to help you much. If anything, try that the day before the test, not the whole week.
  12. Truth is you can be high AT your drug test if you drink enough water that you're only pissing water. Speaking from personal experience. But this requires a LOT of water. You want your stomach to be yelling at you the whole morning before hand. To be safe, once you wake up start chugging and pee 3 times before your test, but honestly only do that if you're paranoid.
  13. Not if it's tested for dillution. Even if it's not, drinking stupid amounts of water is still a gamble
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  14. Most of the time It's a dip stick test considering that lab tests cost a lot of money. If so, the only way they can tell that its diluted is if your urine is clear. This can be fixed by simply taking a B multivitamin which makes your urine more yellow.
  15. Yeah but chugging water and pissing three times still isn't going to work for everybody like magic. My advice if you dilute is to keep drinking water and check your pee with with test strips until its a pass and replace what you pissed.

    Even that isn't guaranteed because I have failed with dilution after smoking wax or alot of bud. NO amount of water would save my ass if I had to take an actual test for work. It's always 50/50 especially when you have varying body chemistries, potency and frequency of product used, and the time of day when your body chooses to release more THC metabolites.
  16. Well metabolism definitely plays a part, if your heavy set then water wont work normally. Also, 90% of it metabolizes during sleep, hence the 3 pisses before your test. Js though, I've personally been high at a drug test and passed because of water. I wasn't claiming that this is the end all fix all, but its as close as it gets.
  17. Most of the time not always. The op didn't mention. That's why I said if it's tested for dillution. And still even if it isn't chugging water isn't guaranteed. It's still risky.
  18. Mind letting us know how it went?! I'm in a very similar position and need to know if I should be running my ass off right now or lounging on the couch??

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