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Stopped Smoking... Got Sick.

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by growcdxx, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Well I got busted with possession about a month ago, and since then I've had to endure random drug testing. So I haven't smoked weed in, well, a little over a month. Since then, I've gotten pretty sick with a mix of cold and flu (I haven't been sick at all since I started smoking), I have terrible pain in my neck and shoulder, and in general, I feel shitty. None of these things are withdrawal symptoms, as I'm not feeling an urge to go light up a fattie (although I'd love to). But I am wondering if they are repercussions of not smoking? I've smoked marijuana regularly (couple times a week or so) for about 3 years, and during that time period I've been perfectly healthy. So the fact that I'm getting sick and feeling incredible pain in my shoulder and neck makes me wonder if my smoking of marijuana was acting as a medical treatment to these problems all along.

    ...if anyone knows of a way I could pass those drug tests (urinalysis)... let me know... they watch you pee directly, and they check the temperature of it too. I don't know if I could get around that. If not, I guess I'll suffer another 5 months or whatever it is.
  2. holy god are you serious? they watch you and check the temp??? what did you get busted with?
  3. Thats some lame shit, man. Well, what happens if you fail? I think you would only do like 30 days in jail and be done with it and smoke on. Probably not what you'd like to do, but I'd say just stay sober for another 5 months. You can't cheat that shit while they're watching you. Try drinking heavy amounts of water, so that when you piss, it's clear. Find out if they try to fuck you for diluting. Do this while you're clean, just as a test, because they might make you repiss anyway.
  4. Sorry, but if they send your urine to a lab, and watch you pee, there is almost no way you can pass.

    All I can recommend is to keep hydrated and maybe see a doctor.
  5. I find the fact that they watch you pee to just be horribly humiliating. This country is warped and twisted... I mean really, how can they justify doing something like that over something so insignificant. The fools have surly taken over.
  6. Yeah, it's some shit. It was only a few grams and a well-used pipe.

    Yeah, I can't do prison.. not at this point in my life. It would mess things up. They do check for diluting, and will make you repiss. And if they are still unsure, they will send it to a lab. If they find even the smallest trace of THC, you're fucked.

    I agree. What is the world coming to?

    That's almost the amount in fines I had to pay. Screw it man.

    Thanks for your comments and concerns everyone. I suppose I'll just have to quit for the time being. I'm scheduled to see my doctor next week. He knows that I used marijuana.. and he wasn't against it. He'll be upset to hear about this crap.
  7. Not smoking marijuana doesn't give you cold/flu symptoms, you probably just caught a cold or something.

    As for the pain, if you were only smoking a couple times a week then you would've noticed any kind of injury you had during the days that you were sober. It's highly highly unlikely that the pain you are feeling is an old injury that marijuana covered up, most likely it's just a new injury.

    If the symptoms keep up then just go see a doctor. I'm about 99% certain though that your symptoms aren't due to not smoking marijuana.

    As for your probation, must of the time you are allowed to fail 1 drug test. Of course you know your situation better than me.
  8. Yep, when i was on probation last time for possesion of a half ounce (og kush), a scale, and baggies...
    The latter of those 3 were ALSO felony pariphernilia charges. And another for the baggy my herb was in originally.
    So thats a total of 4 felony 6's. They had me on House Arrest and intence probation...(i was on warrant status for a year.) and they watched me piss too. Its messed up.
    I had smoked SMALL AMOUNTS when i was on, i had been throught the system PLENTY enough by then.. But i would pass my tests with a fat hit or 2, a week before a test...

    To tell you the GOD HONEST TRUTH, I wish i took. Stay clean till you're off, it SUCKS SO BAD all the way through. But once you're off, you're off. You want out of the system ASAP.
    I've been locked up 5 times and tossed all over the juvenile and adult judicial system. Trust me, get it over with.

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