stopped growing??? damn..

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  1. OK... I have a journal going on in the hydroponics sections.. searched the forums and looking at the pictures of others.. my girls are 9 days old from seed... and it looks very small !!! Are these aiite? I mean.. the leaves are droopy too... any advice will be appreciated.. THAnks..

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  2. I know that seeds start by growing up, then after a bit their upward growth pauses and they expend more energy on root development

    I'd suggest buying one of the "grow bibles" (Cervantes, Rosenthal, whoever) and do some reading on the stages of cannabis development, it'll help you have an idea what stuff like this to expect
  3. I have my lights set up at 18/6 from the beginning.. maybe it's not getting enough lights so... I will be turning it back to 24/0.. will this be ok? thanks in advance for any advices
  4. a healthy seeding will enjoy 24/0, yes
  5. be sure to keep the light as close as possible to avoid stretching

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