Stopped for a week after 6 months... pancing now?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by neff, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. So this is really strange and im panicing right now, i dont evne know why! I smoked six months straight then stoped for like 1week and a half then smoekd some outdoor kb out of my perculator, like 3 bowls and im extremely high right now and just like freaking sorta. Can someone like help me out?

  2. It's just paranoia man, all you can do is try to calm down and wait it out. Go outside and get a few minutes of fresh air.

  3. It might be that, i think its paranoid and its reminding me alot about the cid trip i had a few weeks ago where i started to freak out too. Has anyone else experienced something like this before?

  4. I've read threads like yours before, someone takes a tolerance break and when they start smoking again they get a panic attack. Next time you smoke try only one bowl then wait 5 minutes before the next one.
  5. Gotta love T-Breaks:smoke:

    Don't be paranoid, enjoy the ride.
  6. anyone here have aim thats tripped. i just want someone to talk to to pass time
  7. - Can talk to random people - burn some time

    I've only ever had the spins.

  8. Kinda just wanted someone from the city.

  9. You feeling straight yet?
  10. hahahaha I see what you did there. :cool:
  11. ur just really high becuause your tolerance is down and ur smokin good weed.
  12. ^

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