Stopped by cops for headlight- while smoking a blunt

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  1. figured is share one of my stories so i was riding to my boys house smoking a blunt had a blunt in my pocket to match my boy on 2 blunts was around 10pm so driving got about 5-10mins form my house and i see a cop pass by me then i see him turning around im like Shit! so i just keep driving smoking the blunt the cop comes behind me hits the lights, etc. i drive for a min trying to finisht he blunt, switched lanes to get to house streets to stop throw the blunt out the window then i eat the blunt of bud i had turn down the road throw my seatbelt on real quick and yes i rolled the windows down about the time i switched lanes so i stop the cop comes up first thing he says it smells like weed lol im like make up some bs story about my roommate driving my car. then hes like whats that on your shorts? i look and i see shake all over my damn shorts LOL he says step out im like OK step out shake myself off n shit so hes giving me a hard time i stick to my story then he goes ona bout how it reeks of marjiuana and all this bullshit then he says he wants to do a DUI test stand on 1 foot, follow his pen with your eyes, touch your nose, etc. all that bs lol funny part is when he did the one with following his finger i figured i might be a lil slow on reaction so i just followed his pen further then what it was i duno what it was but i passed the test.. then he still is giving me a hard ass time saying he wants to search my car and im just like i need to get home i got shit to do!!! search it go for it i say so they go through all my shit i have papers, debit cards n shit all over in my middle console which i later found out had a nug hidding somewhere in there LOL

    but yeah i got off fine just act str8 and keep your story straight and your good
  2. same type of shit happened to me, but i was in the passenger seat, i had to eat a burning 4 inch blunt while they were walking up..
  3. ive always been scared of smoking and getting pulled over for a tail light out
  4. Cops are always doing that shit. The reson he was giveing you such a hard time (just what i think) is to get into your car to see if he could find anything. By law they cant just start going thru your shit unless you say yes then right there you just gave up the forth. Its all head games man, im telling you. I ride around(Yeah don do that) with a 3 1/3 bong in my car all the time. The reson i do that is cause i know i can. Im not saying here just go ahead and load your car up, thats not wise.

    Anyway im happy you and your friend made it thru the ordeal. Happy tokeing

  5. It takes 5 minutes to go to the store and buy a headlamp bulb. It takes another 5 minutes to install. 10 minute job would have avoided that all but good thinking on your feet!
  6. That happened to us once but we were parked by some boat ramp on the river bank and hotboxing my friends car, next thing i know my friend says cops I'm like shut the fuck up man cause he always thinks he sees the cops, so i just look out the back window and sure enough there's a cop walking up to the car i just look at my friend an say Fuck, so we had to roll down the windows right in front of her, but the cop never even mentioned weed, she told us we were trespassing and that we were ditching school and then she told my friend that we had to leave. that experience gave me a little more respect for the police, not to mention a good story.
  7. Holy crap dude be careful....Possession of less than 20 grams in Florida is a $1,000 fine + one year in jail.
  8. Dude with the way you handled that situation its only a matter of time before you actually get caught.

    Now remember kids don't drive around smoking blunts with a headlight out, don't try to finish your blunt when a cop is behind you, wear your seat belt, and learn how to use periods.
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    LOL nah i know what im doing ive dodged cops many many many times and i had shit planned on wha ti was going to do if i was pulled just didnt plan on having shake on my pants LMAO n 10pm at night = most stores are closed at that time to get a light bulb hence why i wasnt ridng with much bud lol. the cops here are just assholes they actually tried me for a DUI when i had no keys and was blazing fought that to wreckless driving tho i wasnt driving but w/e

    saveferris your a pansy dude why woudl i not finish my blunt? fuck the cop and fuck your snitch ass LOL im 30 yrs old i know what im doing i dont need to use periods this is a forum for funny shit not your glass cock smoking ass
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  10. hahahahahaha
  11. Damn dude I feel for ya.
  12. Same thing happened to me lol, me and my buddies were smoking a 6 gram joint (Many papers) and a cop pulled me over just as we had left seven eleven. She comes up, tells me my lights are off...

    So i turn them on, and pulls the old "Ok, can you please walk outside the vehicle and just check if they're both working for me?" I could smell she was trying to see if i was drunk or high instantly, and got out with my head up high and shoulders straight, walked over, checked...

    Then, she asks to see my liscence, which i dont have....Left it at home by accident that night (Was thinking, "Im not stupid, i wont get pulled over") And of course...Yeah

    So she told me to go to the back of her car, i did, played innocent little boy, acted like i'd never been in the back of a police car before, asked her where the handle was so i could get out, she said there wasn't one, then i gave her all my info and shit, and then she says "Well, i feel bad for you, kind of, so i'll give you a choice between the headlight ticket and the no-lisence ticket" I gladly took the headlight ticket, lol.
  13. Dam that always makes my stomach drop, I remember driving zmoking a blunt and a cop passes me opposite side I look in the rearwiew and see he bustinga U and I already knew I was getting pulled over so I ate a full blunt and sped up to get some air and spray ozium then he pulls behind me with light and I act like I didnt know he was pulling me over until he says it on the mic. So he says my tint is too dark and I say okay officer ill get it fixed and he says have a nice day and leaves :)

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