Stoping animales from eatin my smoke

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  1. Heard animals will eat my weed also heard u can prevent that soo any tips? Would rly appreciate sum help
  2. spray paint some chicken wire green and use that at the base of your plants
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    Ok Thnks but wat is that n wher can I get it
  4. Its what you would you for a chicken coop, any hardware store will have it. Comes in 25',50',100' rolls I would get about 8-10 feet per plant. That will be sufficient enough to go around it. Also get some 3 or 4 foot bamboo or cedar stakes to hold the wire in place peace
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    Ight thanks man kinda threw me off when u said spray, n also heard some kinda flower will help n urin?
  6. Easiest, cheapest, quickest way to prevent animals from munching on your crops is with urine, like you said.

    Heres what you need:
    However many small plastic drink bottles it takes to make a decent perimeter around your crops
    A knife (to cut bottles)
    An active bladder

    Heres what you do:
    1. Cut tops off of drink bottles
    2. Dig small holes around perimeter of crop
    3. Place bottles 3/4 down into holes, so that 1/4 is above ground
    4. Urinate into bottles
    5. Repeat as often as necessary

    Good luck! :smoke:
  7. Dude thank u so much that's alot of help I'll try that asap n was Gona try *****in wire but no way I can get it Thnks 2, also I am prty new at growin got a lot n diff places most on a hill under a tree my best so far are next to a creek and are getin prty big and they hav started to smell good how long b4 they flower
  8. If you'd like some info to help you get started, check out the beginners section. Tons of great tips in there. Also, read through a couple grow journals. You'll see what they did wrong and you'll learn from it like they did lol.

    As to when they will flower, it all depends on where you live. They should start late summer/early fall if that helps. Depending on the strain and conditions, it could take them 2-3 months to finish. good luck :smoke:
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    Ok thanks a lot man means alot can't wait intell I can smoke um also hav a bud not far from here n helpin him he's extremely inexperienced smokin n growin but he does hav a lot btr place to grow I'll let him knw how to keep um safe agin thanks alot, I jus dnt wana see all my baby's die
  10. I've had bad luck with the piss thing I have Elk in the area I plant and those bastards like the salt, which is very bad the mountain beavers like the salt too! Soap works better Ivory the only time i'll use that shit....Shave it around your grow just like the irish spring guy. lol
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    Ok I mite try that 2 how wud I use soap

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