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  1. these two plants were started in my closet under a really hot heat lamp dont know what wattage or anything but i kept the light on for 12/12 from the begining and when my parents found them they made me put them outside but instead i put them in this shead under the light for 12/12 again and only grew like 3 more inches so i decided to put them outside but as the days went on nothing was happening. no growth no nothing so now there in my room because they look cool under the coca cola lamp. my question to anyone is why did they stop growing? anybody know?

    P.s I thought they were completely dead when i took them out the pots and snaged all of the roots off until i saw the tip of the plant going towards the light of the lamp....what the hall is going on???? LOOK!

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  2. NO, they were in separate pots before. When they stoped growing i took them out and put them in this cup ful of water under a regular lamp just cuz it looked cool
  3. If I understand you correctly, they quit growing when you put them outside. This is probably because you started them under 12/12, which is the flowering cycle. When you put them outside,( in the U.S.?), they got confused and were probably reverting back to vegetative growth.You should never start them out on a 12/12 light cycle. The generally excepted light cycle for sprouts is either 24hr light or 18hr light /6hr dark. When you are ready to flower you switch to 12/12.
  4. they look like little palm trees:D
  5. OKay thanks for the indoor information, it was my first time growing and i thought all plants needed 12/12 shift .


  6. Thats why they looked so cool under my lamp! hehe lata
  7. Wow purple stems ive never see it that bad, i guess its from the light and it cant produce its own food.
  9. No THC ist a heat lamp! LOL

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