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Stop wasting my time Digit.

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. *sheeeeesh* man! I see how it is...
  2. OW OW OW OW OW OW!!!!!

    omfg, hahahaha, lmmfao!

    and thats just from seeing the title of this thread. hahahah.

    i bet people wonder wtf is up with this thread. :p ;) :D :)
  3. i like to play dirty.
  4. u can rely on good ole sensi to play dirty;)
  5. fuckin waay lost
  6. mmmmuuwuhahahaha.....

  7. over there *points*
  8. I agree Nubbin... This should have been called the "WTF thread"....
  9. oh theres a point..


  10. I'm still lost. I can't see the *points*..
  11. Bingo!!!!!!!!


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    Rev. Poll Master Digit

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  12. bud head saw what i was pointing at. ;D :D ;D

    *points again*

    4197th post here! ;D
  13. Do ya'll need some help?? Maybe there is a thread some where that needs deleting.

  14. pot callin kettle alert.. pot calling kettle alert! ;D

    penultimate post!!!!...... 'tis upon us!......

    :D :D :D

  15. i'm still confuseeeded?C>
  16. you two need help.....either that or an even stronger drink.....
  17. whered you go crazy fool??

    stronger? lmao YOURE one to talk!

    i think im gonna start getting happy. its about that hour tisnt it?
  18. i'm constantly in happy hour. and i mean the "happy" hour that doesnt live upto the name but lives upto the reality of it. staring into yer glass when its empty until its filled again, yet still staring in it until its empy again, and repeat. :(


    oh happy day. :(

    ***fills glass again with whiskey from the next new bottle***
  19. im working on major brain freezing blender drinks. rfozen drinks, grillin and sunshine :D where did that sun go anyweya!!!??

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