Stop the Federal Assault on Patients, Clinics & Providers of Medicinal Marijuana

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    DrugSense FOCUS Alert #260 - Tue, 28 Jan 2003

    ************ PLEASE COPY AND DISTRIBUTE*****************************

    As federal prosecutions against medical marijuana patients and
    providers escalate, a coalition of patients, care givers, doctors and
    public officials have united to launch an outdoor advertising campaign
    throughout California. But the billboards are just the start of the
    campaign by the Coalition for Medical Marijuana.

    Your support is needed to build on this effort. Today the Coalition
    (see list below) is asking you to contact your elected representatives
    at all levels of government to ask them to support the compassionate
    access to medical marijuana by patients in need.

    You can write to your Member of Congress through It has a page that allows you to send faxes
    and emails see: A
    particular focus of your letters should be Senator Barbara Boxer. She
    is up for re-election in the next election cycle in what will be a
    tight race. She need to know that her failure to lead on medical
    marijuana -- especially her failure to stand up for voters in
    California is going to lose her votes.

    Please also contact your local and state media - write letters to the
    editor to newspapers - contact broadcast media and ask them to cover
    the issue.

    Is there any doubt that the federal government determined to undermine
    the will of the people on this issue? The buyers clubs are being
    closed or run underground one by one. Federal prosecutors won't
    permit court testimony concerning why marijuana was used, even though
    marijuana is permitted as medicine under the laws of California and
    eight other states. And because juries have no way of knowing
    otherwise, Federal prosecutors accuse patients and the Good Samaritans
    who help supply them with their medicine of being "Drug King Pins."

    The media stories about what happened to Bryan Epis and what is happening to Ed
    Rosenthal are glaring
    examples of how the federal government is working to end the
    compassionate use of medicinal cannabis.

    Thanks for your effort and support.

    Will You Act? It's not what others do - it's what YOU do.



    Some of these links have pre-formatted letters you may modify and
    send. But don't forget that other contacts like phone calls and office
    visits may have even greater impact.

    Letters you can send to your Congress members by going here

    Contact information for all your elected officials at every level

    You can send a Fax about pending legislation in Congress by going here

    Another letter you can modify and send to your Congress members



    Use the dropdown at this link to obtain Letter to the Editor email
    addresses for the press in your state

    Contact information for many media outlets, including broadcast media



    (PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to use this letter as a model please
    modify it so that your members of congress do not receive multiple
    copies of the same letter. The letter should be addressed to the
    member by name.)

    Dear Senator/Congressman

    In 1996 the people of California voted to allow seriously ill patients
    to use marijuana as a medicine. Many local jurisdictions worked with
    patients to develop methods of safe access through community-based
    dispensaries. The state Supreme Court upheld the law and these
    programs of safe access. But the federal government is doing its best
    to thwart these efforts.

    In recent months the Ashcroft-led Justice Department has made medical
    marijuana enforcement a high priority -- over thirty federal cases
    have been brought in California. When these cases are brought to trial
    it results in the jury being told it cannot consider evidence of
    medical use and the judge forbids the defendant to tell his side of
    the story. As a result statutes designed to incarcerate drug kingpins
    like Pablo Escobar with lengthy mandatory minimum sentences are being
    used against Good Samaritans who are trying to provide medicine to the
    seriously ill. While the actions of these providers is consistent
    with California law under federal law they are receiving mandatory ten
    year sentences.

    Please use your office to defend the rights of seriously ill
    Californians. Medical marijuana is supported by 80 percent of
    Californians according to recent polls. Even though President Bush
    spoke in favor of states rights when he was running for office his
    administration is now violating states rights by prosecuting medical
    marijuana cases.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.


    FOR ADDITIONAL INFO to help you in your letter writing efforts please
    See: Writer's Resources


    The Coalition for Medical Marijuana

    Sponsors Include:

    American Alliance for Medical Cannabis

    Americans for Safe Access

    California NORML


    Cannabis Consumers Campaign

    Common Sense for Drug Policy


    Drug Policy Alliance


    Green Aid

    Human Rights in the Drug War

    Patients Out of Time


    Prepared by Richard Lake, DrugSense FOCUS Alert Specialist


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