stop the evil.

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  1. just do good.
  2. to do some evil is to live. everything consists of good & evil. It's a form of balance, one should not exist with out the other.

  3. it would be magical to live in a world without evil. it wouldnt be a utopian exsitence, as there would still be death, heartbreak and misfortune. but evil is just wrong.

    so i disagree, and long for a world with peace and love that knows no evil.
  4. Hope you're immortal cause you're going to be longing for ever..One cannot exsist without the other.

    Examples: High-Low. Light-Dark. Cold-Hot. Short-Long. Good-Bad. Up-Down. Left-Right. Wet-Dry. Smooth-Rough. Hard-Soft.

    To have an opposing element of something is in life's natural order of things.
    The lack of knowing one erases the knowledge of knowing the other. If there was no bad, how would you know what good was. If there was no hot how would you know to call something cold. If you could not go up, there would never be a need to go down. If left only existed we would live in circles. How would you know something was long without something short to compare it to. How would you state something was hard if you never knew softness. Everything we have come to know would not exist. Everything would just be. Boring and pointless. A set way of life without option of any kind..And an infinity of currently known knowledge erased.

  5. "At the border of Utopia, Ill toast for Anarchy"

  6. theres quite a difference between bad and evil. i dont think life would be boring without people having evil motivation. maybe youre thinking of it to abstractly, or i am.
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    By no means am I condoning evil, or saying that it's right. Just that with out it good would lose it's purpose. You would not be able to celebrate your utopia with out the existence of evil. Simply because you wouldn't know good from bad. Life as it were without the existence of evil would be normal and nothing to celebrate. Now had you known evil, you would be able to celebrate in it's absence because you would know the feelings caused by its' presence, opposed to the feelings cause by good.
    And even BAD falls into the Evil category it's just considered a lesser evil. But again with the absence of it you wouldn't be able to distinguish between the 2, also whats bad in one persons eye is absolute evil in another's, it just depends on the way the person perceives good from evil.
  8. im not looking for a utopia. if youre gonna classify 'bad' as evil, then i guess i shouldve been more specific. i mean evil people. evil motivation. and if started tomorrow the whole world would be able to appreciate. yes i suppose that it could never sustain for very long. but i still long for a world where people arent motivated by money and power, and do whats necessary to achieve such things.

    so yeah cancer is evil, but not what i mean at all. i mean like, dick cheney supporting war and halliburton having the contracts to accomodate its needs is evil. your girlfriend getting drunk and cheating on you is evil, but her knowingly giving you the super aids is EVIL.

    edit: and i dont see the utopia in that.
  9. I disagree with that. The idea that good cannot exist without evil is as silly as the idea that you need to commit evil in order to commit good. It simply, does not make much sense at all.
  10. You can preach 'Be good, do good' and all that shit, but sometimes it's just too damned fun to do something fuckin' evil. :smoking:
  11. thats silly,

    how would you even know what good is without evil?

    to tell people what to do is wrong

    so by telling us to be good. . in a way you are evil

    an usurper

    and i will smite thee with my trident
  12. But I benefit more from being evil.
  13. with out evil we could get rid of the locks on our doors. we could go for a walk at dark without packing a minigun we could smoke pot without evil laws putting us in cages for doing so. yep less evil better living.

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