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Discussion in 'General' started by brian hobo, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. ah fuck i was high and thought it'd be cool to fill a soda can with the gas from a lighter, then light it...the fucker practically blew up, my thumb hurts like hell. i'm icing it...anything else i can do?
  2. You have tempted the dragons mighty fire...
    You do not know your path yet you never stop seeking it...

    damn im high....

    If that dont make any sense good its not suppose too but im sure every one who read it thought of what it might mean ... hahahahaha lol
  3. your pshyciain ..i advise you to smoke a fat bowl to fix that boo boo... :)...
  4. Hahaha. That sounds exactly like what I did not too long ago, but my was TERRIBLE! Okay, so we just got back in from smoking a bowl. I got the idea to put a hole about an inch wide in the side of a soda can. So I poked the hole in the side of the can. The next step was to cover up the hole I poked in the side of the can, and fill the can with the gas from a lighter (I helf the lighter there for about 30 sec. just letting the can fill up with gas) The next step was to take the lighter and light it and put it up to the hole that I poked in the can, and put my mouth on the top part and blow out. Well as soon as I did that, a blue flame about 2 feet long shot out and went straight in my face. It burned so bad. I thought it was kinda cool though, at the time.
  5. man, that reminds me of somthing i did a few years ago..

    my brother and i were lighting off this hugh ass bottle rocket, and we set it in a can on the ground, well the can obvioulsy wasn't enough to hold it up, so it tipped over and shot right into my neighbors garage, somehow it went into a big glass bucket and when it exploded, there was glass shards flying everywhere..... man, that was cool

    anyway, you guys are freakin crazy fucking around with butane and pop cans and whatnot.... freakin crazy
  6. I nominate this to be an official "stupid stories involving fire or explosives" thread.

    Me and my friend we're really really high (I guess that should be implyed?) and we filled up a toilet bowl with axe, butane, and cologne. We were gonna light it really carefully, but I made as if I was gonna light it with my bic. The flame got about a foot away from the bowl, and the whole deal lit up. I had no arm hair for awhile, and decided to wear a beanie for a month. I also couldnt breath out of my nose for awhile.

    But damn it looked cool.
  7. one time i had some sticks of dynamite and some friends and i put a trash can face down on a stick and light it well the trash can flew about 100 some feet in the air and landed in my neighbors lawn haha that was cool
  8. are u guys crazy? lol! the stories are fucking ridiculous.
  9. Jesus Christ! Where'd you get dynomite?
  10. frickin' dynamite?? are you sure it wasn't just an m100 or something? my friends and I used to take those and throw them into sewer grates, it would sound like a gunshot for miles around, you could actually feel the street rumble :)
  11. haha reminds me of the one time i was using rubbing alcohol to light shit on fire, and then when the bottle was empty i turned it sideways and lit the opening thinkin a lil flame ball would puff out, but what i got instead was the equivalent to a rocket flame so hot that it burnt my finger without even touchin it and it blew the bottle out of my hand, god that hurt ahah.
  12. I got really really high one night last week and decided to give my neighborhood a fireworks show I ended up shooting bottle rockets all over the neighborhood and blowing a 3 foot hole in the ground, I used artillery shells (fireworks that explode like Professional fireworks), m80s and cherrie bombs.
  13. see my crash thread...

    toke 2 and call me in the mornin
  14. Ouch!

    I did something similar but I wasn't close to it when it exploded. My cousins and I used to fill up soup cans with saw dust and drench them in gasoline then chuck them into a fire pit in the back yard. One time one of them exploded and a shard of the can went straight past someones head into a tree, it was lodged in there pretty good.
  15. man i got soo many stories about firweorks and fire. oh, and an m1000 would blow a trash can up, thats a 1/4 stick of dynamite. but an m100 wouldnt do shit.

    2 years ago, a few days before the 4th of july, my uncle and 2 of his friends stole a box of mortors from a Giants Stadium. not sure how they did it, but they said it was 1 guy loading them in through a door, and they took a ox when he went inside. anywas, we took some 4" pipe about 30 inches long, and capped the bottom. we also made two handles out of 1/2" round bar. can you see where this is going? we basically made a rocket launcher for morors. i was luckily the first one to hold it (sarcasm) and it scared the shit out of me when i hear the thunk, and then i could hear the fuse burning down. it knocked me on my ass when it fired, but it was cool.

    as far as dynamite, my grandpa has a box full of sticks in the garage. we lit a few off at his property, and got a few complaints. (one of the old neighbors drove into a ditch) the cops came, and my uncle was holding a grenade. the one in his hand was a dummy, but the cops told him to raise his hands above his head and drop the weapon. he was just fuckin' with them and said: "then it'll blow up officer" (there were 2 armed grenades in a box by his feet, and 6 dummy grenades that are all larger then the armed ones). we pretty soon had a bomb squad at our house, and they had a rookie in training on the field. i guess my uncle knew because the guy was sweating profusely, so he threw him the grenade. i think the guy shit himself, and probably felt miserable when my uncle, my grandpa, my cousins and i all started laughing. my uncle was taken to the slammer for an overnighter, but he was fine. hes one huge motherfucker, and hes been there a few times before for "Audible Tire Friction"
  16. now for my story about a plastic bag. my uncle owns an offroad/suspension shop, so i have acces to a lot of tools. the most fun, for recreational use, is by far the oxy/acetylene torch. my uncle showed me a nice trick where you fill up a styrofoam cup with acetylene and put it upside down on a table light it, and it pops. pretty loud noise. well, Everett and i one day decide to fill a ziplock bag with this stuff. we took it out to the street adn put it on the ground. Mike (the shop dummy) lights a match and throws it at the bag. that shit was so loud when it first exploded that everyone in the coldesac came out to see. at first we had a lot of red smoke traveling quickly across the ground. it coveredour feet and smelles like shit. then it quickly retracted and went to where it came from, from there it shot up into the air and made a giant mushroom cloud and continued to spread for a while. we realized that this was no longer a very good idea and went back to the shop. half an hour later the fire department was there to check it out. they question Tim, who has owned an audio shop there for 20 years, he said a couple of kids lit off soem homemade bomb in the middle of the street and ran.

    as far as a rubbing alcohol story, i have one of those too. we were lighting things on fire with that, and they would burn out after a while. then we started taking swigs and blowing it into a lighter. i figured out that if you blow it out the right way, the lighter goes out, but the stream of rubbing alcohol is still burning while it shoots from your mouth. i got it down after burning my lips a few times. but i dont recommend trying this because rubbing alcohol tastes like shit, and its dangerous. we were high, it seemed like a good idea at the time. then we got another bright idea. my girlfriend was there with me and sheamus, and shes pretty comfortable with him now (except for the fact that he yells "i love you" at her window nearly every night hes high or drunk" and she had seen what the rubbing alcohol had dopne before. burn for a few seconds and then go out. we decided to light her ass on fire, since neither sheamus or i would touch eachothers ass if there was a problem. and sure enough there was. i rubbed a little bit on her bare ass, and then light it. as it starts to burn out sheamus throws more on, and it gets out of control. it was an easy fix by sitting on the bed, but scary as fuck.

    I also found, while working in the shop, if you light the afformentioned torch and set it on a table you can point a can of wd-40 at it. and if you stand about 5 feet away you will have a ball of fire at the end. it slowly come closer to the bottle, so its good to know when to stop, but its fun.

    Sorry for such long messages, i'm starting to feel the affects of my brownies, and i didnt mean to ramble, just tell a few of my more entertaining stories.

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