stop pot 2016!

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by AZMMJ85, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. This old guy is just precious.

  2. Him: "Well, you can correlate it any way you want"

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  3. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!! *yawn* These people need a new argument. When I was a kid, I could obtain almost any drug, especially weed, with minimal effort, yet it was nearly impossible for me to get booze, short of raiding Dad's liqour cabinet. Do you know why that is? Drug dealers do not require you to show ID when making a purchase.

    This idiot's claims that mass-shootings and terrorist acts carried out by groups like ISIS (lol, wuut?) are influenced by Marijuana use are ludicrous. These people never change; when science and logic doesn't agree with their claims, they'll simply use fear and false morality in an effort to sway the naive and easily frightened. It's embarrassing, really.
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  4. lol their logo should have been formatted differently

    I definitely read it as

    "STOP POT IS A TRAP" 2016

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  5. Prohibitionists ideas are so far off center field I can't help but laugh. Part of me though is really worried that people ACTUALLY believe this stuff.
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  6. You would be amazed at what some people believe. I was reading some comments on NFL dot com about Martavis Bryant. They say he is being suspended for at least a year for pot use. One of the comments said that it stays in your brain for 8 days and continues to kill brain cells. I laughed pretty hard when I read that. I am not sure how a neuroprotectant could kill brain cells like that but you have some misinformed people that will believe that.
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  7. Oh the ignorance is strong with some people.

    A friend of mine tonight felt it necessary to tell me how Cannabis is safer than opiates, but causes cancer and kills brain cells.
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  8. LOL, well a little bit of 3rd grade common sense tells us that is not true. We know of people all around us that are constantly dying from cancer from smoking tobacco. I understand that when you light up marijuana that it does create some chemicals, but there is just no documented data ever of it creating cancer. If anything they say that even the chronic smokers develop a bit of a resistance to cancer.
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  9. The children's and the marijuanas got muh sandy panties riding a lil high today...
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  10. He's old. His time is short. DIE ALREADY!

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