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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by toastybiz, Jun 6, 2013.

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  1. There was this thread recently about rookies posting questions in the advanced section. To me, even more problematic is rookies answering in the advanced section. I've seen threads with a rookie question in the advanced section followed by a lot of bad, inexperienced advice, peppered with a lot of "gee I don't really know this is my first grow..."
    Gripe gripe gripe...

  2. lol if you can't spot newbie advice, you are a newbie so I am not worried and advance grower don't have to be :)
    if the mods stopped all newbie advice going on here, everyone that reads the posts will know the information
    is good, we all have diffent ways of growing but it all works more or less
    just waiting for a topic to start up, giving  beer to canbis plants, so the sugar builds up the buds and when you smoke it you get pissed and stoned as all you advance growers know
  3. nobody try this you may kill your plant
    challenge accepted
  5. lol you want to get your plants pissed
  6. I got that guinness og lol
  7. The plants love all that extra iron, really make the leaves look heathy lol
  8. Dude I used beer as my only nutes for my entire first grow!!

    When I smoked the buds, I got drunk!!!
  9. Crap on a cracker!!!

    Toasty tossing out minor depressurizing trolling posts is the first sign, according to the prophecies in the Growers Bible.

    Cool cause mine got a can today
  11. I want to try that now...
  12. People need to ease up on the newbies around here. The only way to learn is to read, apply what we read, share what we know, and have people correct us if we're wrong. It's a process.

    If you want REAL advanced growing, the grow journals are where to find it.
  13. IM A NEWBhelp me with my plants please I dont know why they are so big, beautiful, and green? Hahahaha sorryhad a smart ass cant u tell..... IMG_20130607_083319.jpg
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    My starting a thread is a sign of the apocalypse? Wow, maybe I need more fiber in my diet or something...
    I have no problems with newbies, nor with spotting newbie advice. Everyone was a newbie once. My issue is newbies not only posting questions in the "advanced" section but then newbies answering those questions with awful, wrong advice, which the original newbie now thinks must be the gospel truth since the answer came from, you know, the advanced section. There was a recent thread on here in which someone was given post after post of wrong, bad advice, and the OP was lapping it up with a spoon.
    If you're a newbie, there's nothing wrong with posting in the newbie section. That's what it's there for. Sometimes a newbie will have a more advanced question -- that's usually the sign of a smart person and/or someone who is ramping up the learning curve -- and those questions of course are fine in the advanced section. But anyone turning to the advanced section is expecting feedback from people who know what they are talking about, and newbies shooting from the hip can look a lot like expert advice to another newbie.
    How about this: in any section on GC (heck, on any internet forum on any subject, for that matter), if you know what you're talking about then go ahead and offer advice, but if you don't have an experienced and well-informed answer then follow the thread as a learnign opportunity and don't spout off. If you know you have something that could be helpful, that's fine, so how about chiming in with "I'm just a newbie as well but the advice I've heard for this issue is....but let's wait to hear from those with more experience." That would be OK. But it is a disservice to the community to act like an expert just because you first learned the answer (actually learned the wrong answer) only the day before.
    Would you want to be misled, follow bad advice, and kill your plants? Of course not. Then don't contribute to nudging anyone else down that path either. That's all I'm sayin'.
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    Toasty has made many a positive thread. Good dude.

    But, as "advanced growers" I think it is all of your duty to highlight the misinformation passed along in the indoor and beginners sections and correct answers. A lot of bad info gets passed around GC because peeps read it, know its wrong and just write it off without offering the correct answer/response. Redirecting posters to those sections seems liek a great way to heard the newbies out of this section.
    I mean comb through the first page of beginners section and I bet yall could find half dozen threads to correct information in.

    Lets not bitch about the bad advice, but counter it with positive good advice. I hate the mentality that some ganja farmers have about this "secret recipe" buisness. Just cuz your ass makes a living off of it, or got your information from grandpappy nicklelicker doesnt mean you gotta hoard that shit till you die. Share the love. Thats what GC is about. And bless anyone who is spouting misinformation in an attempt to help another human being. In an attempt to help another human being.
    In an attempt to help another human being.
    That's the important part. Just put um on the right track, and +1 to people going out of their way to help other people.
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    Just glad toasty is back posting. He has helped more new growers here then 10 of the rest of us. Rhapsody Rocks is moving up the pack Imo too.

    Here is the issues as I see it:

    After repeating yourself 2,3...4 dozen times, it gets redundant....and we quit helping and focus on journals.

    After getting into 1 too many flame wars with "well so far on my first grow"s....we quit helping and focus on journals.

    After receiving 3 dozen PMs asking for hookups ..... we quit helping and focus on journals.

    After seeing the same question asked, multiple times on the first page even.....we quit helping and focus on journals.

    And last but not least....we got an infraction(s) telling a noob to stfu & read this B4 you wreck shit.
  17. i feel your pain toasty, I actually had to argue a guy that sea salt and his own urine is bad for a plant. The guy pissed in his plant, gave it sea salt and wonders whats wrong. Believe it or not this same guy goes around trying to advise others when he doesnt know what hes doing! It got to the point to where I would search threads he posted in just to ensure no bad advice was passed.
    I feel your pain toasty, glad to see you back around here..
  18. I don't mind seeing newbies slinging bad advice in the newbie section, and I agree we should step in and correct it. My specific issue is newbies slinging bad advice under the presumption of being an "advanced" grower. That is who you should be able to expect is chiming in on the "advanced" section, right? If it's my first day on GC and I think I need input from advanced growers and so I post a question in the advanced section, can't I reasonably assume that newbies won't be barking nonsense there and the advice I do get is from actual advanced growers?
    That's the beginning and end of my point. I'm not complaining about newbies. It was a really long time ago, but I was a newbie once myself.
  19. we were all noobs at one time, noobs are important
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