Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA)

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  1. The solution is not to censor the internet.

    The solution is to allow the free-market to handle itself.

    If music and movies can not survive, perhaps the people didn't really want them that much anyway. If the people do want them, they will pay them.

    I'm really not much concerned about the Keisha's and T-Pain's being squandered. I'm also not much worried about the flux of shitty movies that come out every few months. The industry will not completely collapse, because people will still legitimately pay for movie tickets, books/kindles, and live shows. As well, if the industry does start begging for cash and the people really like these things, they will pay more for them. The true artists will likely stick around.

    Like I said, there is a difference between consumers sharing goods and people copying intellectual property and selling it (ie. patents, etc).
  2. is that really all you have to suggest the USA is actively harvesting every computer's application-level activity? a bunch of post-9/11 bush surveillance shenanigans? ending quote of hepting vs AT&T was:
    cool, we all dislike the way bush handled 9-11 right? but it scared the shit out of that poor fellow. regardless, my initial statement was regarding USA's law enforcement abusing this anti-piracy bill to block internet sites they don't agree with.

    in reality, corporations are the ones actively censoring everything online with 'patents'. from removing youtube videos, website material and facebook pages for meaningless and minuscule things.

  3. true in a way, but is it not the vendors duty to secure their goods? i mean if homedepot put hammers out in the street without locking them up, would it be thievery to pick them up?
  4. the industries won't entirely fail. immortal technique released an entire album recently, free to download, from his website. it's not always about money. if you think it's the artists losing money, it's not. it's the record labels and producers who take most of the money anyway
  5. even more fuel for the revolution, sounds great. :p
    has there been any instants where FBI are kickin' doors without court issued warrants? i'm not aware of any, but if you could enlighten me go ahead

    war is killing people who try to kill you.
    if we had the ability to give a trial to every militant we wanted to kill, that would be quite counter productive. again, this is war. but as i previously stated, we're both passionately against imperialism, so this should be a non issue

    i think the big picture in this aspect would be a debate against intellectual property and piracy- which, after all, would "save jobs" as the republican cosponsors put it.
  6. its clearly against the first amendment, this is an unconstitutional bill.

  7. Porn ain't going away, just like babies aren't going away. But perhaps porn reduces the birth rate? That's a positive result the government may like. But then again, a lower birth rate is not a positive for a capitalist economy. What a pickle.
  8. Does COINTELPRO ring a bell?
  9. [quote name='"Ratio"']its clearly against the first amendment, this is an unconstitutional bill.[/quote]

    Hey shut up the constitution isn't important! we don't need the constitution anymore, I think weve proven we're smarter than the founders. plus, the constitution is only a guideline, and exceptions are allowed.

    lol just kidding just kidding
  10. [ame=]Kop Busters Raid - Raw Footage - YouTube[/ame]

    Your second statement is exactly the backwards logic that is being used.

    I like how you think it's alright for the government to label US citizens as militants and assassinate them without being proven guilty.

    Ron Paul thinks it's grounds for impeachment. Like I said before, you don't know what you're talking about.

    Ron Paul: Obama Could Be Impeached Over Anwar Al-Awlaki Killing (VIDEO)

  11. Here's where your argument is flawed.. There is literally ZERO difference between art as an intellectual property vs patents as an intellectual property. If you believe in patents then you have to respect piracy as a form of intellectual theft.

    Not even going to respond to s7exiled, hes just off the reservation at this point.
  12. of course, they hated socialists and black people.. oh, and indian people. weird time they lived in, right?
    interesting, thanks.
  13. What's with the sarcasm, basically trying to make it seem less detrimental.

    You must have forgot about this.

    No Need for a Search Warrant: Supreme Court Rules Police Can Raid Your Crib If They Smell Marijuana | Kush And Orange Juice

    Pretty fucking interesting how it works huh?

    (not the best source, but google it for plenty others)
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    if you don't think that you should eliminate people actively plotting against the USA, and have been apart of terrorist attacks in the past.. i don't really understand. however, if you'd like to keep it to the books..
    [regarding losing US citizenship]
    why would you open the door while trying to destroy evidence?:laughing:

    sarcasm? countelpro was basically created for those reasons i stated.
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    You're insane, you apparently don't even give a fuck about the constitution [5th amendment], which is exactly the mentality politicians have (no regard for the law, they're above it). You can't just strip away citizenship without fair trial.

    What's next? You become complacent on this, then next your first amendment will be taken away.

    What don't you understand, they use this as loopholes to do whatever the fuck they please.

    Explain to me how you can detect sounds of trying to get rid of evidence. Now they can smell pot at a random house, and if they hear you walk around or flush a toilet, DESTROYING INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE - FUCKING BREAK DOWN THE DOOR!
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    sorry i fear for the lives of american citizens who have been targeted numerous times by the same man. such a debate would stem into a philosophical argument rather quickly and we'd soon be pondering about the value of human life and i wouldn't like to go there.

    sadly the truth is people want to kill you because of the geographic area of land you live in. people hate you for it, and some people, when given the chance, would love to kill you over it.

    asshole pigs deserve to lose their jobs and ultimately sued. USA has one of the biggest police forces, no doubt people will abuse powers. and they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent.
  17. Of course, the FBI is such a do-good operation now.
  18. Yeah whatever, if you cared go do something useful. 10,000~ die every year from drunk driving accidents, go do something to help prevent those.

    Don't support the blatant disregard for the constitution like a moron. Everything you said in this thread was ridiculous, just stop arguing.
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    of course not, but to say they are kicking doors down of innocent people without warrants left and right would be quite overextending. can we argue about intellectual property and pirating now? let's leave the social media censorship debate to pandora's box

    that's it? finish it with an ad hominem and call it a day?

    the point i've tried to make in this thread is that saying this bill would transform into a government censorship system is over exaggerated. it's just the GOP's poor and sloppy attempt at trying to "save jobs"

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