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  1. I posted something similar in another thread, but thought it deserved its own, for all you gullible stoners' healths. The reason I posted it here instead of AT, was because the thread I mentioned was in here.. and most of the posts were ill-informed.

    I'm always seeing people talking about how they get higher from holding their smoke in for as long as possible. It doesn't. You will feel a small buzz from holding your breath too long (oxygen deprivation), but that's it. The only measurable effect it produces is increased tar in your lungs.

    Breathhold duration and response to ... [Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 1989] - PubMed - NCBI

    Response to marijuana as a functio... [Psychopharmacology (Berl). 1991] - PubMed - NCBI

    This one says you absorb more THC in 20 seconds than in 10 seconds, but that it doesn't produce any realistic effects.

    Marijuana smoking: effects of varying p... [J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 1995] - PubMed - NCBI

    No direct evidence, but pretty telling nonetheless. I can't find a link to a study about tar levels in the through, although I'm pretty sure I read one at some point. If anybody could share it, it would be greatly appreciated.

    So GC, please, stop holding the smoke in for long periods of time. A few seconds is enough. If you're insistent on creating some kind of placebo effect, blow it out and then don't breathe in for as long as possible. You'll get the same effect.

    Credit for the links goes to Granny. Knowledge is power. :smoke:
  2. Er, how would that generate a placebo effect?

    And how long are people holding their smoke until they succumb to oxygen deprivation?
  3. you deprive yourself of oxygen everytime you hold your breath lol
  4. 7 second reason to hold in longer
  5. If a person thinks holding smoke in gets them higher, and the light-headedness convinces them it does, that's a placebo. The same light-headed feeling would be accomplished using the method I said, and the placebo would still take effect.
  6. Yeah thats true
    I'm sure any typical human can hold their breath for around 20 seconds with no problem. I think if you kept doing it over a short period of time thats when you are actually depriving your body of oxygen it needs
    Your body will tell you when it needs oxygen
  7. Found this today.
    Apparently holding the smoke in longer may have a more benificial effect then was once believed.
  8. People who think holding smoke in for longer than 10 seconds helps should try blowing the smoke out almost as soon as they hit it - you will still get high, probably as high as you would from a normal hit

  9. i do 3-4 sec
  10. The placebo really only would work if you think the smoke is causing it; if you blow out the smoke and then hold your breath until light-headed, odds are you wouldn't think that light-headedness itself is getting you higher. This is assuming you're not a dumbass, but thats also a possibility if you're holding smoke long enough for it to count as oxygen deprivation.
  11. I forgot about that one. I can see how that would work, I think it's the same as if you just repeatedly hold your breath in, or meditate extensively. Actually, the meditation may have been a contributing factor in the study :laughing:

    Thanks for the share!
  12. I thought it was interesting.
    For the record I only hold a hit for a couple of seconds, always have.
  13. I've noticed I get alot higher when I have a bong then hold it in..
  14. I'm not going to lie. I've been smoking like that for as long as i can remember. My buddy does that till the point where his lips are pouted and he's spitting cause he's trying to hold it in even then lol it's fucking ridiculous and gross. But anyway, wish i knew this way back when. Maybe that's why i'm having these problems when i get high lol
  15. ...what about vapor?
  16. Yeah when I first started smoking me and my buddy would have contests to see who could hold it in the longest. "Ghost blowing."

    Shit I didn't even think about that. The premise is the same so I'm assuming it's all the same, but I really don't know. I don't even know how vapor affects lungs.
  17. theres no tar to deposit in the lungs obviously it wont hurt your lungs holding vapor. i can see the oxygen deprivation still though
  18. It seems like when I hold it in, I absorb more thc than say if I hit it like a cig. I'm no scientist, but thats just me. haha
  19. [quote name='"ElectricJW"']It seems like when I hold it in, I absorb more thc than say if I hit it like a cig. I'm no scientist, but thats just me. haha[/quote]

    Yeah, umm, cigs dont have thc.

  20. He said he can tell the difference between inhalation methods, not between the two substances. Most people inhale cigs shallow and don't hold it in like they do weed.

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