Stop global warming with ice makers

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  1. I think we should just put icemakers on the edge of the icesheets, then just suck the water up and turn it back to ice at the rate its melting!:p
  2. Mother fucking genius

    What the fuck are they paying scientists for if they didn't come up with this obvious yet brilliant solution
  3. Hahaha:) thanks guys

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  4. bwhaaaaa that fucking hilarious
  5. Save the moeny from the ice machines and buy a/c units.... thousands... power em all up in empty fields... then a ring of windmills around them to help power them.
  6. Thousands?..... Naw dude were gonna need billions lol.
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    Haha Such a good idea
  8. it would take too much energy to do that ahaha
  9. Boooooooo!!!
  10. Dude, just put a solar panel on each icemaker!
    It would create jobs for people in maintenance:)
    I also read that the amount of land and materials we are putting in the ocean,piers,bridges,dykes and man made islands are contributing so sea levels rising through water displacement:)
  11. you realize that all those machines, A/C units, Ice makers, refrigerators, only move heat. they dont "absorb heat"
  12. Total buzzkill runntok!
  13. Haha im sorry! Im an engineer and it bugged me :p
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Global Warming was another hoax created by the government.

  16. haha thanks for that
  17. Plus what about all the electricity your using to power the ice makers?

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