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Stop CONVICTING patients

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by peanutbutter, May 4, 2011.

  1. We all know the entire nation wants medical marijuana available for patients.

    We know that the government doesn't care what the people want.

    In Michigan, we passed a lawful order to the courts and police. This order is being ignored.

    This is a rouge system. A system that has determined that IT is in charge and the people need to shut up and obey.

    There is one last thing we can do. And we can do that today. We don't need the permission of anyone.

    And one person in twelve is a majority.

    Pull the plug. Refuse to convict.

    If you are on a jury, you don't need any excuse at all to vote "not guilty."

    Take charge of our system. Refuse to play by their rules.

    Stop CONVICTING patients and caregivers.
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    Ben Franklin is commonly credited with the phrase, "Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."

    I try and take that to heart. I refused to fill this (see below) out last week. Read it and tell me you would be comfortable filling that out. It is barcoded to you also, so whatever is filled out will be recorded to your name even if you attempt to be anonymous. The letter that came with it threatens monetary penalties and imprisonment for non compliance. They will send me another copy, followed by up to 8 phone calls a day, then visits from temporary census employees, then visits from a supervisor before they apparently give up. $1,000 fine for non compliance $5,000 for wrongfully answering and they threaten jail time on top of that.

    Take a stand, yes, we all must do *yoda voice*
  4. Yes! Sadly, our fellow Americans are so distracted and intentionally misinformed, no one has any idea of their rights for the most part. I have been spreading the word of jury nullification, as it does appear we have a very rogue government in MANY ways. History is largely ignored in the schools these days (again, intentionally) and people erroneously think that the politicians finally came to their senses and overturned ALCOHOL prohibition. This was not the case. It was Americans who refused to convict which finally forced their hand to end the experiment and ended alcohol prohibition.

    Now, how do I stop my state and local government from building things like football stadiums for their rich friends?? :rolleyes::D

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