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    A problem for anyone that carries a small used weed pipe around in public is the strong weed smell. Thus long ago those that did so might put such pipes in a zip seal bag. However doing so is barely effective since the seals are poor, especially after a few openings and resealings. So I have just come up with a cure that seals smell coming out either end of the common cigarette one-hitter pipe that has been sold at head shops for decades.

    Cigarette one-hitter pipes have always been about the smallest flower burning pipes so take up little space in a pocket that this person values. They also have stealth value out in public places as long as one is not to close to others. A week ago at one of the San Francisco legal dispensary smoking lounges, other customers inside got a good laugh when one of the employee gals looked at me maybe 20 feet away sitting at a table and said something like "no nicotine cigarettes allowed in the lounge". I blurted out something like "it's a ceramic one-hitter" and she laughed too.

    So today was wondering how I might block the pipe ends. Stuck uninflated small water balloons on the ends that worked a bit but they were easily torn after a few on offs. Then grabbed some pencil erasers and yes they fit snuggly easy to put on and off. I did clip the unnecessary ends of the erasures off shorting them a wee bit.
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    I’d switch to cartridges if your in a legal state. One hitters remind me of high school sneaking a toke when ya didn’t have a tolerance.
  4. That's not ceramic. Its aluminum
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  5. Have not seen those erasers since middle school
  6. Aren't u allowed to carry paraphernalia since it's legal where you're at? You could just get a vape and that way it really won't smell and plus most are more discreet anyway.
  7. It' reeks in a vape just as bad. I was vaping some dank and everyone in the room could smell the vapor. Also you still have to break down your bud in a grinder, that reeks up the room also. So there is going to still be smell. Get a paper towel roll and some fabric softner sheets and blow the smoke through that.
  8. Smoking is always going to smell more than vaping unless you're comparing taking a tiny hit to a whole vape sesh or something. Apples to apples it'll smell more. It seems like OP was talking about carrying the piece and people smelling that anyway though, not actually smoking.

    And as far as the sploof comment, lol. Yeah Ik about sploofs. They don't do that much tbh. If you have em stuffed full really tight with a ton of sheets and take small hits they can help but with just a few sheets it will just smell like weed and laundry. You need activated carbon to really conceal the smell, either a homemade sploof with it or a smoke buddy/equivalent.
  9. I just see people say vaping does not smell all the time. Oh it freaking smells.
  10. Comes in, does not help op.
    I guess just try to clean the cig dugout more often so resin doesn't build up and smell. I went through a lot of vape whips because they really start to stink after a lot of build up so I'd just replace the whips with a new plastic tube.
  11. Yeah bro. Sploof:cool:.
    6 Great Sploofs You Can Use To Neutralize Your Dank Weed Smoke
    The only thing that is not true is vaporization does not produce any smell. That is impossible.
  12. When you blow out huge vape cloud rips of Sour Skunk x OG Kush X Jack, it's going to get a bit stinky.
  13. One day maybe when marijuana becomes entirely acceptable, it'll be like what are you wearing bro?
    Jack Herer Cologne
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  14. I think it's aluminium and not ceramic.
  15. 2 words... Water Cure...
  16. Use a screen that could help

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  17. Soon I hope.

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