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Stood Up

Discussion in 'General' started by dragonmantek, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. having plans with someone, waiting and waiting only for no calls or texts.

    this happens all too much.

    now I have nothing to do the whole day.

    I don't think there's a point to this thread, I dunno just frustrated :/.
  2. Karma bro, Good peeps don't just use people until "something better" comes along. It is what likely just happened to you. - or are you saying you were the one who was stood up to begin with? Or You stood somone up, only to be stood up yourself?
  3. it happens man. Sometimes its out of the other persons control and other times they are just being an asshole. Either way a call/text would be nice
  4. lol someone stood me up.

    I also wish I believed in karma =|
  5. oh hey look, 4 hours later a phone call wanting to meet.

  6. They're probably busy, got caught up in some shit..whatev.

    I know when id make plans with someone sometimes, something comes up. N id have to take care of it first.

    My bf is the worst tho hahaha, he would ask to chill with some1, something else comes up and he'd just leave them hangin for hrs with out even a text. Its not intentional, especially if they're stoners.
  7. what an awful trip.
  8. OH! I see, I was confused a bit earlier, the karma thing sorta still applies, but I was high and don't remember the context I took it in, but it was not the correct one I know. but anyways, you said an awful trip? What happened?

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