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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Mar 17, 2002.

  1. Hey baby your house is almost finished. I need to know what colors you want for each room. Have you decided on the bedroom suit yet? I liked the big heart water bed with red covers and lace around the edge. The big screen tv' should be here the first of the week.

    The swimming pool is being filled tommorrow. I hope you'll be ready in may when we tie the knott. I hope after spending 450,000 dollars on a house that you don't back out on our wedding day.

    love ya's baby!
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Wow, I wouldn't DREAM of backin out now. Does that suite come with a jacuzzi? with a built-in bong so we can be like critter (where the hell is he?)!

    One question, has Jimmy Buffet confirmed he will be singing at our pool-side reception?

    xxoooxxx [​IMG]
    Do the rooms in green, baby, that's my favorite color ;)
  3. Jacuzzi and hot tub with a built in bong on thew side.

    I haven't herd from Jimmy Buffet yet but Willie Nelson is for sure going to make it!!!!!! His gift is going to be a pound of willie's special blend!! Thats the gooooooood shit!!

    Green rooms sound great! It'll be hard to notice the the green tree's growing. we have to have a very large grow room!

    I already put a green roof on it. I was thinkig of putting green siding on it as well. We'll have to call it the ranch of green or Green Farm what do you thing?

    Should i change the bed covers to green too?

    I guess you could never have to much green!


    let me know if there is anything more we need to do baby.
  4. I don't know what happened to Critter. Maybe he'll be around
    to be my best man along with Smokie and the famous BPP! Or is that BPP and the famous Smokie.

    I hope that Smokie is doing OK. It feels like all our friends are slowly disappearing.

    Critter if you are around let us know friend!
  5. Yea critter send plenty of home grown so we can share! It'll be a bash for sure.

    You are the best man 100%

    Sorry you have lost your moderator status. Have you PMed SJ to see what is going on??

  6. That's the infamous BPP to all my fans. And I would be happy to be the best man if Ashley Judd is going to be the maid of honour. She be looking hot with that black hair-do she's wearing now.

    Bud, would you talk to Ashley for me and see if she knows anyone at the "Survivor" show. If she could help me out by getting me an audition I would be eternally grateful. Or if she would just make a cameo appearance in my audtion tape that would surely get me an audition. I know I would be the funny crazy guy on the show that everyone would love or hate!

  7. BPP Ashley is out of town as far as i know. I'll call her sister and see if she can have her call me. Black hair, blonde hair, doesn't matter to me. She is still one of my favorite people.

    Survivor? Can you do that show stoned? You'd be a good one for it.
  8. Yea , i seem to be running them off instead of dragging them in.

    I hope I find one soon. I may have to get a blow up doll!
  9. Can I be the flower girlie?

  10. Damn that may be sooooooo true....
  11. I wish I knew Willie Nelson.

    Keep on tryin' man, love means something different to everyone. if you're lucky you'll find the woman to which love stands for 'you'.

    Of course there are also those to which love means nothing at all...

  12. How very true!!!!!!!
  13. Buds count as flowers right? ;)

  14. Hey DirtyDingusus. That reminds me of a joke,,,,

    A mans wife dies... as they were buring her the man starts balling his eyes out.
    A woman who was married to his best frind tried to console him by saying that he'll find another woman.....

    The man replied......You are right but.....


    420girlie Buds will be all the better..

    Stonygurl Where for art my dream babe????
  15. You guys should just have the ceremony in the middle of a big ass bud feild, that's my drem wedding
  16. LO(L that would be the best!!!
  17. lol... i wanna come! i'll play the drums, lol :) and bring lots of danks and some bongs :)

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