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  1. WILL YOU MARRY ME???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  2. you really need to learn to quit holding your feelings inside. You need to come out and say what's on your mind! Try not to be so shy!;)
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  3. [​IMG] I thought you'd never ask! [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. you need to get a room!, you two, i have a shot gun if you need one!
  5. Critter2 well said stoned blade.

    Smokie I'll try but i'm just so shy you know.

    Stonygurl my princess is that a yes or no??? I am loosing my mind in antisapation.

    Tazz11 (Rainman) i will need a best man. Are you available?

    Stony my sweetie
    you make my dreams worth living
    my love worth giving
    and my heart believing

    XOXOXOXOXOXO's to ya,
    ~~Bud Head~~
  6. name the time and place! tazz11

  7. I am still waiting for a yes or no answer. That will determine when and if.
  8. she from wym you got to saddle them up! dont wait!shes hot dude and shes got brains that work !dont wait you know how rare that is!

  9. I agree Tazz she is a super sport among all other women.
    I will have to wait till she gives me an answer before i can saddle her up!
  10. theyll just buck you off if you dont hang on ,i know my wife is from wym!you need to ride them as many times as you can each day or they go shoping!shes playing hard to bridle! tazz11
  11. *LOL* Tazz
  12. show her your carrot! shell come to it! lol
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  13. Well, I HAVE always wanted a grower for a husband...and the tractor factor weighs heavily in your favor...

    If ya keep me supplied with weed all the time I would be nothin' but nice to be around ;)! So, the answer would have to be YES, that is if justme doesn't mind sharing you. Oh, and your wifey, too. ;) I'm sure she'd understand. LOL!
  14. Henry the Eigth had many wives, so i believe i could take care of three or four as well.

    I have pleanty of weed to go around. You would not have to worry about that!

    The tractor factor is 5 and two backhoes, four doziers, and two skid loaders.All of them are John Deere. I have a lot of fun at work as you can see..
    Two John Deere Gators and two fourwheelers.

    Come on down if you want in on the 365 days a year fun and love. Lets not forget about the LOVE while we are having so much fun!

    We'll invite the rest of the Grasscity and Yahooka mellow stoners out for the wedding. It will be one great day!

    When would you be available Princess?????????
  15. bud heads got a tractor i sold mine ,i found out that i couldnt walk after a week!and my wifes a one man gal!i ve had more than one at a time and its a lot of hard work if you know what i mean!
  16. I know what you mean Tazz. There is still enough of me to go around. LOL
  17. she sounds just right for you and i am married! havent cheated in 20 years and aint starting now!i hope you can control thous wild ideas of her, it sounds like itll be fun!my wife the same wym way thats why i married her!wild women smooth weed!and strong drink!grap her quicke and hold on!good luck tazz11
  18. [​IMG]

    Bud Head, The Stud Head...

    I think we should shoot for a wedding in May, like maybe between our birthdays!
  19. would you have sex on the frist date ? if you do, try it on a super sport 1100 hd i raod it in to my appartment with her on the back and i had to wash and waxs the bike the next day! its lasted 20 years and still going stong! frist impresions are great to remember! and woman love the way that seat fits their theyes !and thats not all! tazz11
  20. Hell budhead, if you bring a dozer, and trackhoe you can honeymoon at my house. I got a section of land that is itching for a pond and sounds like you need something to do, so come on down to the peace and quiet of the Alabma countryside.

    I used to have swamps on my farm but the EPA made me start calling them wetlands.

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