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Stoning stoning stoning...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Arick, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. wow i was stoned, i opened this new thread thing 45 min ago and i stil cant think of what to write
    i just stared at the screen, uhh this is a session journal its 2:30 am right now and i smoke ahwile ago atleast an hour, now im going to smoke some more ganja and just type shit lol a thought journal.....packs bowl.....takes hit.. types... hold smoke. realease, omg omg fucking nice shit! i love this new shit in town a nice new dank, take a neather hit, nice again. hold smoke... i think im about to go roam around on an adventure looking for a stick for a wand for my girlfriend, Lol exhales. kills bowl.. exhales , wow nice hit too, roxxor, ok peace for afew the times 2:35 peace

    whoa its 3:07 shit wow
    i smoked and went out and like uhh made yard plans and thought about how i always want to live here then i found a cool stick to use as a wand i cut it up and came up here and uhh im stoned... i think i needed a saw yeah thats it ill get it brb.

    its 3:44 and im dead peace

  2. seriously, can you imagine what this board would be if we all posted crap like this? it'd be



  3. Very Yahookan. But thanks for sharing...? Not really.. But yeah.
  4. i don't quite know what this means but i always told myself i ever make it big and get rich, i'm going to have a swimming pool, and at least once i'm gonna fill it with jello mix and water and let that bitch set til it gets jiggly, then jump in. don't you think that would be waaaaay fun???

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