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  1. Anybody ever try it? I just got a new kitten and the thing is freaking hyper as hell at night when I'm trying to sleep, and I wanted it to sleep in my bed. So my solution was to smoke a bowl with it and blow a hit or two out at it :D It seems to really like it; at first it was really scared of my bong but now it likes to cuddle up in my lap while I'm smoking. It's still small so I don't want to get it too messed up so i never blow out more than one or two hits, but when I do it always looks straight at me while I'm exhaling and I think it inhales as much as it can(I'm usually stoned by the time I blow a hit at it but as far as I can tell, it does seem to like it). It gets really really chill afterwards and now I can take it to bed without worrying about it clawing my nuts off in the middle of the night.

    Share your experiences please.. Do you do it for the fun of it or do you just like your pet when it's stoned? Or do you not do it at all? Sorry if this is a repost; I didn't see a thread like this in the first three pages and I didn't look any further back becase I don't feel like bringing anything back from the dead tonight.
  2. I dont think its right to get pets stoned. You should only get high if you want to, and pets dont really have a say in it, it fucks their brain and lungs as well and there just being subjected to it, so i dont like it. Plus ive seen some pretty screwed up pets at friends houses where theres always weed smoke around.
  3. I think it's fucked up when someone has to physically hold the animal while it gets stoned. But if your smoking around the pet and it comes near you or doesn't move away when you smoke blow em a hit see how they take it. I had a white lab (Rudy) dog was the man he would stick his nose in the end of my bong and shit. He would hunt down my weed and eat it. He was such a cool dog all big and oafy and real easy going. Well when he was with me he was he always gave my mom problems so she gave him away. Now he was man's best friend.
  4. Where did you hear that? I understand what you mean, but I'm pretty sure that marijuana has been proven to be safe for the brain. In fact, I've seen studies that show that marijuana might help prevent certain types of brain damage, including Alzheimers.

    My kitty likes it though, and I have never forced it to get stoned. Like I said, it was afraid of my bong at first. It took three sessions before it was comfortable coming close to me while the bong was out. After it showed some interest, coming closer and sniffing the bong and the smoke, I blew out a hit towards it. It seemed a little surprised, but it didn't run away or turn around. It just kept inhaling :) Now it sits in my lap along with my bong.
  5. I heard that Monkeys are the only animals (excluding humans) dumb enough to let smoke into their lungs. Like cats and dogs and hamsters and shit will "hold their breath" until most of the toxins in the smoke have cleared from their umm... breathing room?
  6. its doesnt fuck up their brains or lungs any more than it does yours. they do all kinds of tests on lab rats with weed and they turn out fine, unless they intentionally OD them.

    ive tried blowing smoke at my cat but she always runs away. i havent really tried it with my new puppy though because i have only had pot one week while i have had her, but im sure ill be trying it in the future. of course i am not gonna force an animal to sit there while i blow smoke in its face though, for one things thats too much damn work. im gonna worry about getting me stoned before i worry about getting anything else stoned.
  7. I have two cats and their both really not friendly. Especially the male, he hisses a lot and swats at me. So I was thinking that when I go home next if I have any with me I might get them high and hopefully they'll start being more friendly with me.
  8. you gotta be kiddin me you are so square
  9. Yea my dog loves it I use to blow smoke in her face now she comes up to me when im smoking and she always wants to smell the bowl and a lot of the time its still cherried so I will take a hit and then let her sniff in the smoking bowl and it gets her RIPPED, plus that way I dont feel like im forcing it on her she wants it. And then it even trips me out to be sitting in my room high as a kite with my dog...we just watch tv and stufff...and space out together..its sick.
  10. Damn i thought i was the only one who had done this. Over at a buddys house, he has to cats, Cheech and Chong, they are brothers, they always run over to us if we are blazing, and if we dare ignore them they hop into this big tupperware box that he made to hot box for them. He drilled a hole in the bottom on one of the sides, and put a tube into it and sealed it up around the hole. And put some old sweatshirts in there so its comfy. Smokin an L is the easiest way to use this, you can just blow a shotty into the tube and clear it, once or twice and the box is full and they come out about 5-10 min later after we stop,and the funniest shit is, sence we are baked, its so funny to see them hop out and run straight for, you guessed it, their water dish, lmao.
  11. my brothers cat grew up on he says. it is better to try smoking an animal up when it is younger than older. that way it wont run away. and it will adapt to the smoke and the high.
  12. i wanted to no if any 1 has ever got a iguana high? cuz i was thinking bout trying it with mine:hippie:
  13. HAHAHA PLEASE post a pic of that box! That's so awesome. How does the cat get in/out? It sounds like an awesome idea but I think my cat would be kinda scared if I locked it inside of a box and blew smoke in. So if it can enter/leave freely then I would like to try and make something like that.
  14. my buddy always gets his dog stoned. it's really messed up now..
    but i dont know both of my pets are already pretty chill so i have never tried it.
  15. i used to get my cat and iguana high. the iguana wanted me to rub his stomach and pull the shedding skin off his spikes on his back. my cat on the other hand would freak the fuck out and bounce off the walls. but i never forced them to catch a contact from me, i'd keep the door open and take the iguana out of his cage. i guess they liked it:)
  16. LOL, i'll have to see if i can get a pic for you guys, his apartment in town got flooded the beginning of April, so he bounced out of there and moved in woith some other friends about an hour away.

    Its actually more of a rubbermaid storage bin. Like 12 or 20 gallons or something like that. We dont force them to stay in, its up to them when they wanna leave. All we do is lay the top on it so the smoke stays in better, but it ends up seeping out anyway. When they want out they push the top off and hop out.

    i attatched a pic, its like this one, only its blue not clear, damn, now thinking about it i wish it was clear, lol. He put the hose in one of the narrower sides, the tube is about 3/4" ID, makes it work very nicely, and since its at the bottom, no smoke ever comes back out that way.

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  17. 10 years ago I adopted two homeless 3 day old kitties. I was a senior in HS at the time. As soon as they were weaned from the bottle and could eat at their own free will, I'd get them stoned every morning with me before school. If you get your kitty stoned, just make sure s/he has either you or some toys to play with and that s/he has food and drink readily available. It'd really suck to get high and have cotton mouth and the munchies and be stuck like chuck :(

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