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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Ja Know=weed, May 22, 2004.

  1. well im smokein on a b and listenin to sum music. ahhh wht a friday night! :)

    sp here r my top five stonen songs

    1. Darkside of the Moon - Floyd
    2. Mary Jane - Rick James
    3. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds -the beatles
    4. Some two joints - either sublime or bob marley the both kick ass
    5. Jammin - Bob marley

    give me yours

  2. my top 5

    5one more time by daft punk
    4 pigs (3 different ones) by pink floyd
    3 comfortably numb by pink floyd
    2 burning by darude
    1 out of control by darude
  3. Dark Side of the Moon isn't a song.
  4. i meant the whole album
  5. It can be considered as one long ass song.

    My top five:
    Beatles - I Am The Walrus
    Beatles - Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite
    Beatles - And Your Bird Can Sing (you'll wonder why it sounds so funny)
    Pink Floyd - Bike
    Deftones - Knife Prty
  6. my top 5....

    1) Led Zeppelin - Hey Lady
    2) Wu Tang - Shame On a Nigga
    3) Pink Floyd - Fearless
    4) Grateful Dead - Sugar Magnolia
    5) The Beatles - All Together Now
    .... oh fuck it lol im baked i just awnna share the music .....

    Ben Harper - Burn One Down, Dave Matthews - Lie in Our Graves,. ... :D, Three Dog Night - Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog...
  7. I love punk and surf and reggea and here in india my friends (mostly europeans and indians) are starting to introduce me to trace and house... that is soome CHILLLLL music.. man i thought id kick my own ass for listenign to it but its good. Anyway my top stoner songs are -
    (not in order)

    1. anythign by strungout
    2. a lot by HIM
    3. teenage suicide by unqritten law
    4. a vital few (small clifornia band)
    5. Dumonde- tommorow (check this trace out its trippy)
    6. Death in vegas- hands around my throut and dirge
    7. felix da house cat- silver screen shower scene and madame hollywood
    8. pennywise
    9. did i mention strung out :)
    10. off by one
    11. WHOS GOT GOOD REGEA??????????? i blazed with my cousin in florida a lot a long time ago but i never have been able to remeber what we listened to... not like eek a mouse, bob or ziggy marley.. which is very good... but i dunno..
  8. Moving this to Music Hall. :)
  9. 4. Some two joints - either sublime or bob marley the both kick ass

    hey its smoke two joints and its by sublime i dont know how you can listen to it and not know its a white guy, im pretty sure you should slow down on your smoking their buddy
  10. he meant to say smoke and siblime re did the song it was oringinally bob marley

  11. it's "Over The Hills and Far Away"
  12. wow i didnt notice that before good call (on the hey lady thing)

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