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  1. Since some people dont like stoners (Police). Why dont we all pack up our shit go to Washington or Colorado and make our own country within a country like those indian tribes that dont het government help? Think of it, this would be a stoner mecca our cop would be herb lovers so would our politicians. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? Captain Chronic away
  2. If we industrialized hemp production and actually had a place to make money of weed besides smoking it, then id be all down. Or like a town full of growops lol.
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  4. Im in for sure. But there has to b a law like if your a dick your kicked out cuz that aint cool.
  5. You know I think this would be better than legalization. Even with legalization there will be those who on principal would never try cannabis and although Im cool with whatever my friends want to do but its a bit of a bummer because its odd to smoke with someone who doesnt... Its like everyone would have a bunch of things in common so everyone would have a solid chance of being cool with each other. Some guys a racist but smokes pot id prob smoke pot and chill with him even though he does something I dont agree with. I think just being human is enough of an excuse to get a nice bit of peace between each other no matter what. 

    Its also a great topic starter for those introverts :D 
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    [quote name="soojah129" post="19404042" timestamp="1390663302"]Im in for sure. But there has to b a law like if your a dick your kicked out cuz that aint cool.[/quote]Lmao imagine if this was a real law."I'm sorry, sir. Paragraph 12 of County Ordinance 307 specifically states that immediate deportation is the punishment for being a dick, acting like a dick, or possessing otherwise identifying qualities of a dick or dick-like person. No exceptions."
  7. Ya everyone would get along great just like all of us pot heads on gc. Nothing but nice intelligent people here. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. As a mod here I'll assume this is sarcastic or you haven't seen the politics or religion sections hahaha
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  10. If I am ever filthy rich I will make this happen and give you all the power
  11. Sounds like a sting operation if I ever heard one.----------------------------------Larry King should be the 12th Doctor.
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    Lol what if dickishness becomes the new "pot" of our society?Like where we see dicks kind of how dicks see stoners. Like, we get search warrants to search their houses to find evidence of dickishness and they have to be dicks with each other in private because we'll bust them if they try to be dicks out on a street corner. And we persecute the shit out of them.Idk, i'm high and i thought that was hilarious but usually when I'm high i think unfunny things are funny.I'm just writing because I'm high right now, so I'm not going to waste any more of your time. Goodbye, and good night.
  13. Dude!!! You realize this is the best idea ever right?! Let's do that...all stoners unite

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  14. This would actually be amazing. The biggest problem I have around here is finding places to smoke. That problem wouldn't even exist if Stonerville was there. But if i'm going to be honest we'd need to find a better name than that :p
  15. Get me a green card and I shall join your utopia.
  16. Shit man you wont need a green card it'll be totally legal!:) n there will b restaurants that serve food with weed in them and when u see a homeless person u dont give them money u give them weed and a place to stay:)

    "Some people feel the rain, others just get wet" ~Bob Marley
  17. You sayin your a dick smoker?

    Kottonmouth Kings
  18. Ok I am down for sure, let's do this thing!
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    we'd have to have labor camps
    and tear up all the roads and put in bike trails
    and legalize all drugs
    but illegalize the sale of any drugs for profit
    how could we possibly compete lol we'd be honest
  20. Give me instructions and I'll set it up from here in wa. By the way our money is just weed. Smoke what you want, spend what you don't need to smoke!

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