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  1. annoy me. I smoke a lot of weed, I even grow it, but when I hang out with the standard people in my city (which is a big big pot smoking city btw) and smoke weed I am always annoyed. Every single person I smoke weed with except my brother. They all want to do stupid shit when we're high, like play video games, or we sit there and talk about pointless shit. There is never a decent conversation, they never want to go outside and do something thats actually interactive and interesting, they want to sit in a car and listen to the latest bullshit the radio has been spewing out. When I get high on my own, I get things done, I become productive and my life is a better quality, I become smarter because I research and study, I memorize complex music much easier, I can focus on the things I love. But when I smoke with other pot smokers I can't help but sit there and think about how stupid they are the entire time. And then an hour later they want to smoke more of my weed, even though when I smoke my own weed I feel high for at least 3 or 4 hours. And I have a damn high tolerance believe you me.

    I feel like the majority of pot smokers are just a bunch of losers who want to sit around and do fuck-all for the day. When I go into my city downtown I go into the coffeeshops and I see all the stupid hippie propaganda bullshit, 'anarchy man, fight the government, blah blibbity blah. dont forget to drink soy milk too because cows are evil and we can't drink or eat anything that was put on this earth for us to drink or eat because its cruel man, its cruel so we make milk out of beans.' A bunch of stupid idiots camping outside of a federal building because they think that the government will stop taxing the homeless if they do it, hippies setting up their stupid peace sign flags and tents everywhere in my city and all of them are pot smoking dipshits.

    'know where I can find any herrrb maaan...??'

    Does nobody see the amazing ways to use of this wonderful herb and just abuse it 24/7? What is it, smoke weed and sing about big booty bitches and money? Smoke away a whole ounce in a night with your friends and brag about it like it makes you a man or something? Sit up and watch television all night getting high and wasting your time not getting any smarter or better than anybody, making everybody hate you and all other people who smoke pot because your stupid asses make us all look stupid. People think because they go to college that they have a right to say 'im a productive member of society, cause I'm in college, so I can smoke weed and act like an idiot cause I'm in college' and act like their opinion is important just because they are in school; but all the college kids who ever paid for any of my own homegrown when I needed money went and wasted a whole quarter of beautiful smoke in one night on a stupid fucking video game? They weren't intellectual whatsoever, I could do better in their own school than them if I had the money to go. They were nothing but a bunch of punks, and the fact that they're in college that their parents pay for, driving a car that their parents paid for, make them even lamer. I have to bust my ass if I want to get into just community college, I can't even afford a car and I sure as hell am not going to be given a car like most, nor can I afford a place to live, much less afford to buy weed now that I'm out for the year, so college is just another pain in my financial ass. But I still have to figure out a way to get in there.

    all the people who smoke pot that I meet are like this. I've yet to smoke with someone who is intellectual and can actually hold a good conversation with me while high, unless I'm smoking them out and they're kissing my ass with their bullshit words because they're happy to get high for the moment.

    I have to agree with Peter Tosh when he says that the improper use of the herb is detrimental to the being who uses it, and if you use it just 'for getting high or kicks' then you aren't utilizing it for what it's here for.

    I can tell that a lot of people on this website need to read those words even though you won't learn anything from reading it.
  2. Why aren't there more people like you? One of the reasons I decided to quit was because of people like you described, but these were worse. A few of them always wanted to steal or vandalize something.
  3. just cuz it's stuff YOU don't like dont mean it's stupid

  4. you will never get anywhere playing call of duty warfare all night smoking away what a grower worked his ass off hard for and only sold because he absolutely needed money in tight times. Those kids didn't learn anything from my gift to them, they wasted it and did not come out the next morning with a single bit of new information to hold on to, there was no new music that they learned, they did not progress a single step further in this journey we call life yet they smoked away enough weed to give myself or someone who could have actually used it inspiration for a week.

    If you are offended at what I said then it is because you are part of the above who I was talking about, and I'm not taking back anything I said either, because its the truth.

    I have already made the decision to quit smoking weed because of people like this. I do not even wish to smoke if I have to go through sketchy people to get it, if I have to deal with stupidity 100% of the time that I have it, and if its not my own home grown smoke.
  5. Sounds like you need to make different friends.

    I had this problem a few years ago, then I made new friends for smoking and don't have the issue anymore. I genuinely feel like its as simple as that

    [quote name='"HerbIsGood"']I do not even wish to smoke if I have to go through sketchy people to get it,.[/quote]

    But you grow it.

  6. I've met a few of them in my lifetime. One of my 'friends' after I showed him about 10 grams of dry weight worth drying in my tent came back up there after I had left for a period of about 30 minutes and stole it from me. and another one of my 'friends' whenever we get high wants to go down and hide in the woods so that we can throw eggs at cars or vandalize somebodies house. Just immature bullshit. When do people grow out of it, you know? If somebody threw an egg at my car (even though I dont own one) while I was driving down the road I'd be pretty pissed. So why would anybody else want to do that? Especially after getting high...when I smoke I am always paranoid about doing anything bad. I immerse myself in music because theres nothing wrong with music and I know this so I am able to enjoy myself even more knowing that I'm not doing anything wrong.

    People who are that low don't even deserve to smoke. They will never in their entire life learn anything of value, if they have to steal their good vibes in order to have them.

  7. actually i may play video games but i agree about modern rap sucking ass.

    i think its retarded how the ghetto world makes weed look like as well, but shit it's their choice

    i dont even smoke that much. i usually smoke a bowl a day when i did (i'm on t break now). I don't believe in wasting weed either and also i'm not a college student

    don't assume things.

    also just cuz its ur opinion doesn't mean it's the truth

  8. Well I've tried, but this is where my problem arises. Every new person I meet seems to be like this. I have met one man named Daniel and he is one of the coolest people I've ever met in my life. But he smokes only very very rarely, so its not like I have a smoking buddy in him, which is cool with me hes awesome whether or not hes high, but I find it hard to find people that I can smoke with regularly and enjoy myself. In fact I find it impossible at this point in my life.

  9. Yea I agree with him, but I think he is a little to harsh on some of the people hes talking about. I kind of adopted this standpoint a while back when I was at a party and surrounded by people I thought I could trust, I whitewall my friends iladelph I packed up with my weed. I must of ripped it for a whole 10 seconds streight of sheer milk, my weed was on my left knee, and there was nobody sitting next to me because I was on the far left of the couch. I exhale and 14 grams of 'God's Gift' vanishes. Everyone there denied taking it. Its really bad when somebody does shit like that because it causes distrust among everyone.

  10. true and I apologize for being presumptuous, and even I myself play video games (not really by choice, I'm more forced into it by a majority rules kind of situation)

  11. yea well i do strongly agree with a lot of what you said.

    i just think you are being too harsh. shit we have a lot in common, we also both live in NC haha.

    i mean imo as long as you aren't harming others then it's ok. video games don't harm others, but the stuff popular rap talks about does

  12. I suppose i can be harsh..but I guess thats just my part to play.

    theres always that jackass who takes things to the extreme and lately people in my life have started to make me believe that I'm the guy who's gotta play this part in my location. it sucks but we all have our roles I suppose.
  13. I feel you OP.

    But sometimes it is nice to just chill out and watch a movie or hit up the 360.

    But I agree, I dont like when its all they want to do, everyday everytime.
  14. I understand what you are saying, but it sounds to me like you're just hating on college kids straight out of high school. A lot of these kids have everything they need and are spoiled as fuck, but that doesn't change anything. You are just mad.
  15. Stop hating bro. Let stoners be stoners. Im a stoner but im not retarded bro I go to school/ have a job. Dont judge all stoners just cuz you met a few bad ones
  16. Sounds mad at people that are more fortunate. If your parents offered to buy you a car and pay for college would you say no?

    Everyone uses drugs for different reasons. Just because you seem to feel "smarter" after smoking doesn't mean everyone else does too. I am more productive when i'm sober so i get my shit done sober and then when i'm done with that i go smoke and be lazy for the night. Not really a problem with that. Just relaxing after a long day.

    I don't know why you let it bother you so much. People will be who they want and if you think you're better than them because they enjoy weed differently that's pretty stupid.

    Although throwing eggs at cars really isn't that funny...
  17. So because I like to get high and play xbox or watch tv means I'm some kind of idiot I guess, if you want to get high ten analyze a book ten go for it, that's what you like to do, I would rather play xbox or something like that because that's how I have fun.
  18. Stop caring about what other people think about you.
  19. +rep for the truth, I believe we are on the same page OP. I've stopped hanging with that "crowd" for the same reason, I just personally think its a waste of time. Once in a while its OK to have a little fun though. I've never understood smoking every 30 minutes either. :confused: But i'll admit I do like to just chill out at home, watch a movie, or just play video games after I get my shit done. I like to do something with my time though, and I find that a lot of people I used to hang with just sat around all day smoking and listening to music. Not really interested in that kinda stuff on a daily basis, because whats the point? They seem like the stereotypes we all hear about in media propaganda. 100% agree that it should be utilized to it's potential.
  20. lazy stoner>>>>

    I just want too watch the world burn.

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