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  1. Hey guys, I know everyone smokes here an all, but who are you guys?(I know this is a weird question) so okay!

    So pick 5 or more questions!...or less if you don't feel like it :(....

    what's your favorite color/colors?
    What's your favorite show?/movie?/anime?
    Are you a girl or boy?
    Who's your favorite music artist?
    What's your favorite song?
    What kind of genres do you listen too?
    What animal describes you best?
    Why do you smoke?
    Indica? sativa? or hybrid?
    Favorite book?
    Favorite sport?
    Favorite hobby?
    What's your favorite thing about life and death?
    If you had super powers what would they be? If someone were to describe you what would they say?

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    I wanna play...I really do..but I just heard my Mom call us in for dinner n after that I got some Algebra to finish for class tomorrow...but afters, I'm in. By the way, what's YOUR favorite color? (holding breath in anticipation).

    Just a taste though: my superpower is sarcasm. "It's a bird, no, a, it just that miserable old fart Whatshisbooger.
  3. Have fun kid. Someone will be out momentarily to play with you.....sit over there under that tree and wait...its cool in the shade.
  4. Lol wtf chill.

  5. I'm not going to bother.  Read my story (link in sig) if you want to know about my stoner life.
  6. I barely have any favorite things about life, and since I'm not dead, I don't think I can have a favorite thing about that.
  7. Wait, how did Facebook sneak in here? :smoke:
  8. Wait whut? Who brought up facefuck?
  9. It's Tuesday, We'll blame IF. :bolt:
  10. I'll just blame all the modstaff.
  11. 1. Green
    2. I don't watch television but my favorite movie is Pulp Fiction.
    3. I'm a dude.
    4. Too many to pick from... Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, I could go on but I won't.
    5. Shine on you Crazy Diamond, all parts.
    6. Mainly Rock 'n Roll but I'll dabble in other genres if I'm curious enough.
    7. Honestly? A sloth...
    8. I smoke socially but I'm beginning to notice that weed helps with my depression.
    9. Sativa dominant hybrid (username, anyone?)
    10. Gone With the Wind
    11. Basketball or baseball
    12. Lighting up with friends :p
    13. Life? Not much... self fulfillment and marijuana. Death? Seems scary, but like a scary release.
    14. If I had a superpower, It'd be to just look at the ground and grow huge weed plants...
    15. Around here, people would call me a loner... and since people are judgemental, they'd probably call me names and shit. I don't give a fuck though. 
  12. red, serial killer docs resident evils and anime is lame to me, boy well man lol, megadeth, hangar 18, old metal and rap (nigga beats), shark im a bit aggressive lol, because life is fked sober and indica, goosebumps, HOCKEY, getting high or drunk, afraid of death life is meh, immortality

    this was fun op wbu?
  13. Thanks!!! I noticed it does sound a bit like somethin that would be on Facebook but I was high and feeling kinda down so I'd thought Id try an get to know people.
    But yeah here's mine.
    what's your favorite color/colors?(red,blue,black,purple)
    What's your favorite show?/movie?/anime?(em don't have any, I kinda like a lot of stuff an can't pick)
    Are you a girl or boy?(girl,19)
    Who's your favorite music artist?(immortal technique)
    What's your favorite song?(Bernadette by IAMX)
    What kind of genres do you listen too?(rap,regge,rock,techno,trap,dubstep)
    What animal describes you best?(since i was a kid I've always felt like I had a distance with everyone, I've always felt alone even with the friends I have so I'd say,Wolf)
    Why do you smoke?(helps my anxiety,depression,ocd and just helps my relax an unwind)
    Indica? sativa? or hybrid?(I like indica alot but can't really function too well during day time)
    Favorite book?(I read alot, can't really remember which one, after awhile to stories start to merge)
    Favorite sport?(foot ball, biking, hiking,fishing,boxing)
    Favorite hobby?(drawing even thought I'm no good at it,music,smoking)
    What's your favorite thing about life and death? (Life is so fucking beautiful on one side but so fucking cruel and scary on the other side. Death seems like a nice option when you get tired of life)
    If you had super powers what would they be?(Invincibility,immortality,invisibility, teleport, power to kill with out touching)
    If someone were to describe you what would they say?(I look mean at first, I'm quiet, Im an introvert, I'm trustworthy and can get painfully honest...)

  14. A'Right couple of nice posts ^ (need a down arrow too).
    That would be a nice, rarely thought of super power. :yay:
    A few folks may be judgmental, that's why you consider the report button as a form of weed control for our lovely Grasscity.
    Grow to be Blades. (Note the date and especially post #14). :smoke:

    Five?  Let me see...
    I'm a God, neither male or female...A dragon describes me best; a big, firebreathing dragon...Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson...Baseball...I am a superpower. :cool:

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