"Stoners" who don't know what weed smells like?

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    Note that stoners is in quotation marks.

    I was walking through a trail by my house the other day. I brought a joint, and since I was out of cigarettes, a rolled cigarette. I smoked most of the joint in my backyard, and then finished it within the first few minutes of walking down the path. I lit up the rollie, and started smoking it. I was also not smoking it like a joint, as I don't do that with rolled cigarettes. I held it like you hold a cigarette, and dragged it normally.

    Anyways, I see a group of three kids ahead, chilling on the side of the trail, sitting on some rocks. They notice me coming, and look to my hand. They appeared to be anywhere from 16-18, probably in their junior or senior year of high school. When I got close, one of them called over to me.

    He said something along the lines of, "Hey! Is that a joint?".

    I replied, "No, it's a rolled cigarette. I just smoked my joint before." I thought this would be the end of the encounter.

    But, one of the other two kids got up and looked closer. He then said, "No way man, that's a joint. Let us have a hit, we've been looking for weed all day."

    I once again told them that it was not a joint, and if I was still puffing my square that I would have gladly given them a hit. They persisted, though, despite the fact that it was clearly a cigarette from the smell and how I was smoking it.

    I came to the conclusion that they must not smoke cigarettes. So, I said, "If you don't believe me, take a drag from this."

    And the kid got this smug look and was like, "Fuck yeah, I'll hit that."

    He proceeds to take a monster hit off of it, and hacks his lungs out, probably due to the fact he doesn't smoke tobacco. He then relayed the message that it was in fact not dope to his friends, and I continued on my way.

    It just perplexed me, because I had never met any "stoners" or kids who "smoke weed" that didn't know what it smelled like. I know plently of stoners who don't smoke cigarettes, but would easily distinguish the difference in scent of tobacco and reefer. So, I'm confused as to what was wrong with these kids. When I was 16, I had been smoking for four years already, but even when I first started I knew the difference in scent. I also smoked cigarettes then, but had I never smoked one, I've been around someone who smoked a butt, as I'm sure everyone else here has.

    So how the fuck did they not know it was a cigarette, and had to take a drag of it to finally understand? I just don't get it.

    Went for a walk through a trail to smoke a joint and a rolled cigarette
    Smoked the joint
    Was smoking the rolled ciggy when I saw 3 teenagers
    They thought it was a joint, didn't believe me when I explained it was a butt
    Finally let the kid take a drag to prove it wasn't bud
    Now, confused as fuck on how a supposed stoner can not know the smell of dope compared to tobacco?
  2. Fuckin god damn little fuckers don't know the smell of weed.. They were probably just tryin to act cool ifront of a big kid.. I know people that don't even smoke that recognize the smell..

  3. Lol are you trying to imply something? How are we supposed to know why they didnt know what bud smoke smells like, you were the one there your guess is as good as ours :smoke:
  4. Maybe they all had allergies or colds and couldn't smell anything because there nose was stuffed up or inflamed.

    Or maybe they where born without a sense of smell, like Dewy Cox.

    Or maybe they thought it was weed/hash mixed in with tobacco and it was just masking the smell of weed.

    Or maybe since you where outdoors they couldn't smell the tobacco from the spot they where standing at. Similar to how you can't smell someones farts outdoors.
  5. All very good possibilities^^.

    And, to the poster two above, I wasn't implying anything haha. I was just wondering what some of your takes were on this. Had they never smoked weed before? Were they trying to look cool? Or have they smoked a few times and just had no idea the difference in smell?

    It just struck me as odd, that's all.
  6. this is the time when you bust out a bag of tobacco and offer them each some "edible weed" and see how much they can eat before they puke lol
  7. Surely they saw the cigarette filter in your gret?

    Or maybe they're just mugs...
  8. haha i remember passin a joint in hs at lunch with my friend on the way to the car talkin to a bro who apparantely drank/burned/banged mad sluts (bro :rolleyes:) and like 2 minutes later he bugs out realizing it was ganj :confused:
  9. Ehhh I wouldn't share my stogies or my bud to any strangers, I'm kinda stingy on my shit lol
  10. they mighta smelt the weed from the joint you had before?
  11. What starpowa said. You probably smelt like weed from smoking right before that happened.
  12. there are different types of weed that smell different bro, some even can smell like tobacco if only a little bit.

    Don't go making a thread about judging newb smokers because they thought a cigarette was a joint brah, it makes you seem douchy.
  13. My girlfriend smokes but disagrees that it can smell like a skunk

  14. The newb smokers were acting like vulture's, so I think he's justified in his actions.
  15. weirdos fersure
    i'm like a bloodhound on that shit
    even in my building its like one..sniff* and then
    "hey someones toking" and if i'm on the street and i get a whiff
    I just tend to look around out of curiousity

    last week i was at the beach with my brother(this beach has little shops
    around it aswell) so we're sitting on a bench eating soem ice cream and i smell ganja
    announce it, then like two minutes later across the street 2 guys 2 girls blazing a j walk along
    ..easy example
  16. kids go nuts
  17. Meatheads who try and act badass, example, Breakfast Club fersure.. haha!
  18. I have never experienced the smell of weed...

    because I'm an anosmiac :)

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