Stoners vs. 5 star buffet

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    Last week my long time smoking buddy and I decided we would take on the casino buffet. This is no mear silver tray pick out some food and sit down this is $70 a head gourmet shit.

    There is different sections with specialty chefs that are cooking up restaurant quality food and you pick up a plate and walk around. Literally every meal is delicious and for that sort of money we wanted to make it worth our while. We decided that after playing football in the morning we would have a light snack and starve ourselves until the evening.

    We hot boxed it up with two fat joints and demolished that biatch. I had about 5 plates of food with two and a half travels to the dessert section. They had like a lady who served you ice creams and freshly made waffles that you could combine with single servings of cakes etc and lollies.

    My stomach hurts and I'm going to chuck one hell of a dump in the morning but it was easily worth it.

    Peace out gc. :smoke:
  2. This is every stoners dream. You win.
  3. Texas de brazil or fogo de chao. Trust me
  4. sounds like a good meal
  5. Sweet nectar of the gods. I went to Paris buffet in Vegas. Similar except all English food. Expensive!
  6. Two and a half trips for dessert? Were you that high that you forgot what you were doing and turned around halfway? Haha. Sounds like a great time man!

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