Stoners Views On Religion?

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  1. Now I know this is a touchy subject, but I'm interested in seeing what all of my fellow stoners religious beliefs are. I myself am an Athiest and don't believe in a god or a higher being, nor do I believe in satan, heaven or hell. I believe once you die, you're just dead. Its like how it was before you were born. Please try and keep the arguing to a minimal..
  2. im muslim
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  3. Waiting for someone to bring that up haha
  4. well you didnt have to wait very long then huh? hahaah
    anyways, i have a question.

    despite the fact that you dont believe in God, do you consider yourself a spiritual person?
  5. I do actually consider myself spiritual, all though a "spiritual athiest" is a bit of an oxymoron. I believe we are all here for different reasons, and life is figuring out what it is. And the goal is before you die, you can figure it out. That's as brief as I can put it with it still kind of making sense?
  6. Pretty much agree with op, but wouldn't label myself as 100% Atheist. You just never know, even though you may have a pretty good idea.

    I just personally can't see a "soul" within my body floating up into the sky after I die.

    And I don't agree with the whole religion game, dressing up all fancy and nice, gossiping in church, and just the simple fact that the message they're preaching and spreading conflicts with the very nature of the way churches operate.

    You don't need to spend money on nice things to worship. From my personal experience, I've met much more down the earth, knowledgeable, and thoroughly GOOD people that aren't religious versus the ones I've met who were.
  7. I kind of have sort of a buddhist/Christianity sort of thing. But I don't believe that Jesus was put up on a cross and came back as a zombie type of being. It just doesn't make much sense. I believe that there's a heaven and no matter your belief u go there as long as your not a bad person for example hitler, Harry anslinger, and bush. God is the answer to why an evelution is the answer to how
  8. [ame=]Top Ten Creationist Arguments - YouTube[/ame]

    Religion is for the weak
  9. I believe there is something connecting all of us...but as far as a god, devil, heaven and hell..that just seems like fairytale stuff to me.
  10. I am a resentful atheist, ex-christian infidel.
  11. My beliefs are very complex, it is a science unto itself, some of these beliefs aren't beliefs at all but first hand knowledge, and all of them will at some point become first hand knowledge as I progress I hope.

    To sum it up, I believe in God, I believe in reincarnation, I believe there are many occult laws that mainstream science has yet to discover but that have been known and passed down by the mystics since time immemorial.

    Than again, I haven't been a stoner in years, so it's not really a stoner belief system lol.

  12. And where was this overwhelming evidence that there is no God in that video? lmao

    All that video is is "the top 10 arguments retarded people who believe in God make".

    I guess since 93% of scientists are atheist, that must mean there is a 93% probability that God doesn't exist.

    Funny thing, no religious text says the world is only 6000 years old, and in fact there are religious texts that talk about evolution. The Rig-Veda even talks about the earth being molten and then hardening and "growing hair" which would be allegorical for plant life, the first thing that sprung up thats noticably life as opposed to micro-organisms. Looks like both sides are ignorant.
  13. don't care.

  14. Sorry if I angered you, I was just posting something somewhat relevant to the subject. Believe what you want I don't give a fuck
  15. im muslim, i dont know i could contribute much but i agree with everything islam says about intoxicants, i just havent enforced it fully yet, one day though
  16. Take a look at my avatar :)
  17. I am atheist, although I do think that it is totally scientifically possible that there is an afterlife, and that conciousness could theoretically exist outside of the universe, on a higher dimension, etc. Either that or you just die completely and don't exist anymore and don't feel or think anything.
  18. triple six crew
  19. Most people attribute a "God" with creating everything

    The "scientific" religious folk will try to use the second law of thermodynamics to discredit evolution, but the second law only applies to a closed system, which the earth is OBVIOUSLY not. Making evolution possible as is observed all around the world...that Religious folk conveniently ignore time and time again

    The original purpose of a God is to explain where this all came from. Well, we know now. Putting a "personal" definition on God is pointless. I just don't get it
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    I believe every time we sleep we enter a different dimension. I think when you die, you make a permanent transition to that dimension, and your stuck permanently "dreaming" and creating matter and "existance" with the own power of your mind.

    I think it only happens though if you die without trauma to the brain. For example, if you shoot yourself in the head, you damage your brain, and it won't be able to make the transition into another dimension. Instead you just experience never ending unconsciousness.

    I also believe whatever your reality is like when you die, it will be reflected by the reality you create after death. Similar to how your dreams are related to the reality you perceive while awake. So if you die of Alzheimer's, that sucks.

    I don't know, where exactly do you go when your dreaming? Its a complex world where your subconscious creates a "reality" for you, I think when you die you just go there permanently.

    I don't know, it might not be true. But thats how I like to think of the afterlife. I dream of sex, drugs, happiness, love and wonderful shit. So if the afterlife is just a permanent transition into a dimension where your dreaming, it sounds fun.

    If you think about it, your just a mind stuck in a physical body.

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