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Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Megaplop, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. Just had to have a quick rant, and see what you guys think. Since the legalisation in some us states, it seems that hobby growers and average stoners now seem to think they are highly advanced medicinal institutes?

    So many dudes talking about “I need to grow this much for my patients” or “wow this is some potent medicine”. It’s not medicine, its damn weed. It is a medicine, but it also is just weed. And they are not “your patients”. If they are actually anyone’s patients it is an actual doctor, not the random stoner. You may supply a real doctors patient with medicine, doesn’t make you a doctor.
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  2. imo,Most real doc's have money driven values and are all about their ego's,alot of stoners are compassionate folk who provide help for people who's dr's aint gettin it done, rock on pot dr's! rock on!:yay:
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  3. For me its just weed but who am i too judge if its someones medicine or not. I do agree people throw the terms around loosely anymore.
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  4. I just had this conversation with myself the other day, lol. My boss really pisses me off with that shit man. He gets way into it. And I'm a licensed caregiver so that should tell you something lol.

    something, something, subliminal message.
  5. <-- Not a real Doctor I just play one on a Cannabis web site.
    The several people I've supplied high grade Cannabis to were all sent home to DIE by REAL Doctors.
    Surprisingly all of them Lived way past their Expiration date predicted by the so called REAL EXPERTS.
    So who is the Real Doctors. Please Stand UP !!!.

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  6. Do you volunteer or only work for pay?
  7. Both
  8. Weed is medicine though lol, doesn't matter if you're self medicating where it's illegal or you live where it's legal:confused_2:
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  9. Coca ina my medicine

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  10. I pioneer and musketeer
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