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Stoners that use the word "sketchy"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by potsmoker2, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. no hovering

    should be sent to a work camp.
  2. Burn in hell, Infidel.
  3. This is sketched dude.

  4. i will definitely be burning something in hell.:smoke:
  5. dude im so sketched right now i just snuck back in after tokin an my parents are up in the next room. i dont know if they saw me pass them but niw im 20 ft away chillen and hela sketched cuz theyre 20ft away an i cant move
  6. what is going on
  7. [​IMG]

    that trick was sketchy.
  8. got a warning cuz my signature was way too sketchy:smoke:
  9. I can hover if I want to hover 8[
  10. HEHHH? lol
  11. This thread should now be closed on account of those two pics being Epicly relatable to such subject. Kudos you Sketchy Stoners, Kudos Indeed.
  12. this thread is sketch, brah
  13. wat about people that use the word shady adolf?
  14. How about hench? you mind that?
  15. Op should stop giving a shit how other people talk or act...too many threads of people bitching lately who gives a fuck jus relax and smoke a damn bowl and stop making threads about petty bullshit.

    And I say sketchy, so what?

    should be sent to a work camp.[/QUOTE]
  16. Add the word "legit" to the list.
  17. the op is sketchie.

    a half-empty type of guy.

  18. yep.:smoke:

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