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Discussion in 'General' started by KillerSmoke, Jul 23, 2007.

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  1. Hey everyone, you should come check out the #stoners chatroom on the network freejavachat.com

    Ever since the other thread was closed down there has been a decrease in traffic towards the chatroom, let\'s bring it back. :)

    The chatroom is owned by TheHempress, with TokinBlue as operator.

    Frequent users of the chatroom consist of KillerSmoke, GodlyToker, TokinBlue, TheHempress, cannabis, chipcago, Baker, Yawgmoth, LobsterTacos, StillSmokin, cooller, SlimPickins, SuicidalSpaz, stneod, retroshark, Rabidbaboon, DirtyPete, tootsieblue, roKa420, CoinOpBoy, Ruse, and dallassmoker

    Drop by, get stoned, drop out. :smoking:

    If you don\'t have mIRC or X-Chat, you can use this java link.
  2. come join us :smoking:
  3. Chaohinon wishes that he could find decent weed
  4. You witness Anti-Hero address the forum about coming on to the chat.
  5. its pretty chill in there... that room is smoky as hell though... can barely see anything.
  6. Where\'d you all disappear to? :wave:
  7. Yeah KS I agree. Usually the people in there aren\'t answering, they\'re idle. We need to get it like it used to be. But, It\'s a fun chat nontheless.
  8. Eh, Im in there, but everyones idle.

  9. you got permission to start the thread back up?
    cool beans,

    im on at least for a little while,

    [COLOR=\"Green\"]He didn\'t get permission from the person that gives permission for these things. I didn\'t receive a PM regarding this. *RMJL[/COLOR]
  10. I\'ll start popping in when I have the time, could help keep my head straight on these long budless nights.

    Edit, noones on right now, I\'ll try again after work in a few hours
  11. I cant find the #stoners chatroom anywhere, but i dunno maybe im just to high.:bongin:

    <------woohoo my first post
  12. just click the link at the bottom of the OP

    Welcome to the city by the way!
  13. Welcome to the city, always nice to see more faces from Ontario, go into any room and type /join stoners that should take you there, I\'d gpo back on but I have to be at work in about 20 minutes
  14. You have to be on the right network too.
  15. A rebirth from the ashes of our ashtrays...I agree the chat could use a breath of fresh air

    Come join and help us hotbox the room up.

  16. when i get home ill jump on, is it standard irc messaging? or is it just sumthing i could run on excursion....
  17. Well, its definitely quiet, and I\'m bored, so I decided to write a tutorial on connecting to the Stoner\'s Chat through mIRC. What do you guys think?

    Connecting to Stoner\'s Chat through mIRC

    Step 1:
    Head over to www.mirc.com and click on the \"Download mIRC\" link (http://mirc.com/get.html). There are plenty of download locations, so choose one nearest to you. The current version of mIRC is 6.21.

    Step 2:
    After you have downloaded and installed mIRC, run it. You will notice that the mIRC Options open up. You need to enter your Full Name, Email Address, Nickname, and an alternative nickname just incase your desired nickname is already taken in that specific server. Fill out this information.


    Step 3:
    On the left menu, click \"Servers\" (shown below). Click the \"Add\" button. A new window in mIRC will pop up for you to add a server. It has five boxes: Description, IRC Server, Ports, Group, and Password. For description, I used Stoner\'s Chat, but anything will do. In the \"IRC Server\" box, put \"freejavachat.com\" (without the quotes). The \"Ports\" box should have 6667 in it, if not, enter that in. You can leave \"Group\" and \"Password\" empty. Click \"OK\"


    Step 4:
    You should now see Stoner\'s Chat (or description you gave) in that big list of IRC Servers, double click it. It should now jump back to the original options where you put your name, email, etc... Click \"Connect To Server\".

    Step 5:
    A new box should pop up called \'mIRC Favorites\". You can simply exit out of this and type \"/join #stoners\" (without the quotes) in the already created chat window, or in the empty box, type \"#stoners\" (without the quotes) and click \"Join\"


    You should now be connected and ready to chat with fellow blades! Personally, I like mIRC over using an internet browser\'s java applet, which is why I wrote this tutorial. Also as a side note: To Connect/Disconnect from a server, look for the \"Lightning Bolt\" or \"Broken Lightning Bolt\" in the upper-left corner of mIRC, also below the \"File\" tab [​IMG]

  18. Please do not repost this thread.

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