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Stoners of South Africa

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SToNeRForLiFe2, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. Live in South Africa?
  2. ive always been curious about the trees there. i hear in west africa its common to buy sticks (5-6 pre rolled) for 1.50 usd. I heard theres really good hash and even some kush (not sure if he meant straain or just better weed).
    I am making a trip to Cambodia in the next few years, have you heard about the pizzas there? you can order them happy or extra happy lol.

  3. What

    lol :hello:
  4. Haha yeah man. The best place to get weed in South Africa is definitely cape town. Its the weed capital of S.A the shit down there ranges from skunk to fuckin blueberry kush (which i recently bought 6 gr. of. amazing shit man
  5. how much did it cost you?

    nice link, for the extra happy they put a whole oz on the pizza. i heard you can buy the weed they put on the pizzas from the pizzza shops too. its like 8usd for a 1/4 of dank. at that price im getting a few ounces lol
  6. it really depends on who you buy it from. You might be able to get some dank from the rasta store in town maybe 200 rand for 5 gr. (not sure how much that is in usd) but you can also find dank from people that are growing it for alot more than 200 bucks

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