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stoners of dallas is there other weed besides Corn available

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by biigdiirty, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. i ask because i live in dallas and have  been smoking this since high school it seems every connect i have only has corn available

  2. As in some boo boo since your in Texas

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  3. Haha IM sure Dallas got the dope you just gotta look harder broAustin had it everywhere
  4. I know a homie from Dallas and he says the bud down there is some skunky-ass shit. Just keep lookin for dealers.
  5. lol you just need to branch out more...theres more available
  6. I get my buds from dallas --------------------------------------- Smoke On! c(o.oc)

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  7. Dallas has good bud you just need to know where to look haha
  8. Sucks for you I have a hard time findjng corn when I wanna buy quantity. I can only get dank ass shit.

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  9. Umm OP, I think you should try a different dealer entirely.
    You want a dealer that sells stuff that looks like this:
    Instead of this:
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    Yeah man, you're just barking up the wrong trees for bud. Dallas is famous for its corn, but if that's all you've had for years.... ewwww.
  11. Wtf is corn weed
  12. does he atleast butter it??
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    Yeah I'm up in the DFW area and recently picked up some OG kush x Silver haze, DANK SHIT haha. Especially since i haven't smoked since November I'm in the stars :ey: but yeah Dallas has the hookups you just gotta know where to look.
  14. All my buddy's who live in tx get amazing bud

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  15. Corn weed? lmao wtf is that, anyways just look harder, if you lived around my area I would've hooked you up on some OG kush and Blue Dream lmao
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    For those not from around here, Corn is a strain of weed (though many use it interchangeably with reggie) that is very common in Texas.
    It's short for Popcorn, so named because of the extremely high amount of seeds that it has and As a result it sounds like popcorn when you smoke it, which I hope no one actually does. The taste is very recognizable after a while.
    Sometimes though you can find some Corn dro with no seeds and it actually looks dank. "Fire corn" lol
    Also it always gives me a fuckin headache for some reason
  17. Here in Texas dealers call shitty weed corn. Most dealers call their good weed dro.

    So most dealers will sell both "corn" and "dro". It's fucking stupid I know. Even if I text my dealer "I needa quarter of dank" he will reply, "dro?"

    Corn isn't a strain it's just a nickname.
  18. lol, what's up with this corn shit? Maybe I'm just old school but you won't find me using this loud, corn, etc bullshit.
  19. God I hate when people call top shelf dro..... they dont even know what fucking dro means.

    I feel bad for you Texans, I could not live in a place where everyone called chronic dro.....

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