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Stoner's Laws of Relativity (Reletive to Highness)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by LetsGetBlazed, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Hey Blades, These are 3 simple laws i have created...THE LAWS OF GETTING HIGH AND STAYING HIGH. Hopefully this will get stickied because I think it's pretty hilarious shit:D

    Stoners Laws of Relativity
    PART I. What gets high, must burnout. However, the stoners (being a wise people) have found a way to tell physics to go fuck itself. And that of course is to smoke more weed.:smoke:

    PART II. When Stoner leaves his original smoking area he can only venture three places and still retain that majestic high:

    1. The Woods-before there was stoner, there was woods. Then God created Stoners to fill the woods with the delicous smell of wacky-tobaccy. Soon woods/stoner became friends and the two have become inseparable ever since.

    2. The Playground-One day stoner saw a bird flying above the woods and realized, "Hey man i wanna fly" and faster than you can say puff puff pass, The Swingset was born. Generations and Generations of stoners have enjoyed them ever since.

    3. White Castle- As Harold & Kumar have proven to us that Fast Food Restaurants are indeed a wonderful haven for stoners and fat people alike.

    PART III. If Stoner makes the fatal mistake of venturing beyond the three previously disclosed locations, Stoner must smoke more of the magical herb that god(and their drug dealer) has provided them with to regain the majestic high.

    PART IV. Stoner must always enjoy his high because it is a sacred way of life and must always be celebrated by the proud race of Stoners for generations to come. :bongin::bongin::smoke::smoke::hippie::hippie:

    Hope you all enjoy/follow these rules haha peace.:smoking:
  2. good read man... lol
  3. Haha, good read man. I dig it.
  4. What the hell...... +rep
  5. Random post, but legit nonetheless.
  6. haha i love the swing part
  7. #7 pizza_n_boges, Apr 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 23, 2010
    EDIT: Sorry, I was being harsh :( I just don't really get the point of this, though. Doesn't make an inkling of sense.

  8. Lighten up, man. :smoking:
  9. thanks guys glad u like it:hello:

    and dude, this post was supposed to be humerous so dont be hatin just chiiilll..but yeah it is pointless haha..just hopin to make a few people laugh.
  10. Haha amazing read. Sucks there are no real woods around here.. But we have an abandoned insane asylum, grapevines/almond trees/orange trees, and parks.. xD
  11. ive got woods and playgrounds everywhere lol i wish i had a close white castle tho
  12. YES

    I love you for posting these! +rep

  13. i hace like 0 good places to eat high in my town anyway so me and my friends stay in the woods/playground and have a blast:smoking:
  14. Awesome laws man. +rep
  15. the only thing i got from this is "smoke more" which is what i do!!

    haha this is great
  16. wow. you couldn't have said it better. well done. perfect. on the tee. rambling.
  17. Parks are indeed another chill place to reside.
    I guess a lot of parks have playgrounds, and a lot of playgrounds have parks.

    Also, every Stoner should have an exceptional high every so often. Don't do the same old thing, get high and watch the tube, or whatever, take some time to get high and go on a sweet ass bike ride, or jogging with your dog, or jam out on an instrument, or do something that'll stimulate your mind even more.

    One love
  18. I want to go swing right now

  19. swinging is like the cats pajamas when your high haha i think all blades should own a swingset :D

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