Stoners in the mist; funny documentry

Discussion in 'General' started by clipse, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. We have this handy feature here called the search button. The exact same thread was made a few days ago. And probably many times before that.
  2. haha..... are those supposted to be pot leaves around the sides? look like ferns...... An those couch locked guys..... I envy them lol.....
  3. that was the funniest shit i have ever witnessed in my entire life. hahahaha he opens the door and all the smoke pours out! classic

  4. QFT. For future reference, if you got a question or something, hit up the searh button first. Odds are it's been answered before.
  5. I love the part where they attach the tracker on the kid and they are tracking them from that room. They are just sitting there looking at a screen in the same room for 43 hours, while the stoners though sitting in the same spot, are at least smoking bud.

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