Stoners GOLDEN VOICE! inside,Have a smile or 2!

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Stoners Golden Voice![/ame]

    hah yea this was for fun hope you get a good laugh out of it...People on call of duty will trip over me doing this in the Lobbys haha! friends pushed me to put this up lol enjoy and have a laugh tho ;)
  2. lol funny pic bruh hahahaha
  3. send some replys on phrases you would like to hear me say haha
  4. what did i just watch :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

  5. haha i dont even know myself i was on zannies n high when i did this video lol....but hey as long as it gave ya a WTF LOL kinda laugh then its all good
  6. totally had a wtf moment lmao
  7. MAKE HASTE!!! haha I thought that shit was hilarious
  8. hah ima try and get some phrases up that people wanna hear me say and i may make another vid or somthin this one been doin pretty good...and i dont even remember puttin it up i was soo fuct up!
  9. Hey Jack Sparrow... What the fuck?
  10. hahaha i think it sounds more like the captain of the black pearl on that movie...i cant remember his name im sure you know who im talking about ahaha....maybe this voice will get me on pirates 4 ...pssssht haha!
  11. this shit cracks me up lol thx for postin this pic haha

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