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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BlackFlaggin420, May 28, 2009.

  1. So this happened to me a month ago. Maybe a month and a half:smoking:
    So I used to live in New York City,The Big apple:rolleyes:. I just moved to a surrounding NY suburb for awhile. 3-4 years so i can get my mind straight. Plan on moving to Cali. Lol im blasted off of some kush right now. I have a mixture of Sour Diesel, No-name Dank and a form of kush.I also copped a 1/2 of shit weed:cool: cuz it gotta last.

    ALRIGHT so im NYC with my band chilling at a friends house. So theres me,FriendB and FriendC. We are at Friends B's house.

    So FriendB and I have a small grow in his house. Well used too. Soon again:hello:
    So we are downstairs about to eat a bit after practice. Friend B and I had enough money to cop a 40 Piece. So we think "Should we get a mixture of no name dank and Sour D? Or just get all no name dank?" No name dank is less expensive lol.

    We decided to get all no name.

    So theres a "spot" like a block away from my friends place. That whole block is covered with dealers. Mostly weed but ive heard of coke and herion dealers:eek:. I believe because i got a coke dealers number there lol.

    My old dealer got shot so he is in heaven.:( So we decided to go to the 'spot'.

    We leave my friends house and walk down his porch(like 15 steps lol) and go the opposite way of the spot. we decide to go to the store. We walk to the store and get dutches. We walk back and then pass my friends house and go to the spot. we are walking down the block feeling different. Just a instinct that something wasnt right. The old dealers(we call em Old and Young. we stay away from the young) were in the middle of the block and looking at us with stares. They all knew us. We knew them. We walked slow towards them. Something wasnt right. We see someone come from the middle of the street back into the block and stand by the houses not facing us. He has 'aviater' glasses and a 'bluetooth' thing in his ears. When we pass him we see him touch the bluetooth.

    We stop by the dealers and I say "Whats good?" Me and Friend B said some words to them and they didnt really answer. Then a person came out the door of a building and said "Haze, Sour" I looked at him and said "Yo let me get 2 dubs of haze." He said "WHAT?" "Two dubs of haze." "HOW MANY?" "Two." "WHAT? HAZE SOUR" "Let me get 2 dubs of haze." "OK!!!" He passes me 2 fat ass bags and i put them in my pocket. He says "Stay safe its really hot." We nodded and said peace to the old dealers. The dealers were looking towards us but they were looking down the block. We turned around and walked the same way we came. We get to my friends block and while going into his metal gate a car pulls up right infront of the house. A Black ford w/ tinted windows. We were going up the steps at a quick pace like we always do. My friend was opening the door(pretty quickly) and i turned my head behind me Seeing a undercover cop with a bullet proof vest and a badge hanging in front of him(Crazy movie cop lookinglol) "HEY!!! STOP!!" Slow motion it sounded. I heard my friend go "Dude get in." I turned and walked at the same time. I closed all doors but dont remember if i locked them. We got inside and ran to the kitchen "YO FRIEND C THERES FUCKING COPS THERE IN FRONT MAN. WTF?" We run upstairs into the grow room area. "Fuck not the sour!!!" we ran down the steps to another bathroom and close the door. The door bell rings. We start destroying the plants and cleaning up. Friend C is getting so paranoid.. Friend B was also starting to get paranoid(i would if i was him,his house) I start doing everything. destroying the whole setup. quick and very good while friend B and C were just frozen. Friend B's mother was home!!!!! So it got more awkward. Then the cops rang again and then left. No house warrent but we were not trying to be stupid by keeping the plants. JUST IN CASE.

    We kept the weed and i ended up stashing shit on my upper leg next to my balls lmao. It was awesome weed. Like namebrand dank.
  2. Damn thats crazy bro, i always get the feeling an undercover is watching me when i make an outside deal.

    That sucks you had to kill the crop, i guess better safe than sorry.
  3. Lol that fag was yelling so much....obviously its hot with people yellin shit
  4. Tight. Seen that once, two guys chillin on a bench, one with avs an bluetooth
    the other jus eyein me hard. Rarely happens to me but I got the gut feeling
    they were undercovers, so I jus bailed on pickin up.
    Fuck havin that come back to my house. You were pretty lucky man.
  5. Yeah always trust Gut feelings. Its funny because FriendB got arrested from the same thing a few weeks before that. So he knew what was going on. To be honest i just reacted.
  6. you shouls have just played dead :smoking:
  7. Hmmmm. Very crazy.

    btw,,, Stoners+Adventure=Movie.

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