stoner4pretends first grow (advice VERY welcome)

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    EDIT: scroll down for pictures of the plant!

    Hey guys, I just started my first grow almost 2 weeks ago now (on wednesday its 2 weeks)
    1 bagseed currently under 65w CFL, on a lamp that's help sideways reallll ghetto-like.
    I just woke up to her first 3 fiingered leaves today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so pumped
    I plan on posting weekly pictures on wednesdays to really show her growth. I'm about to post the pic from last wednesday.

    here's the part where I desperately ask for your help:
    in the mean time, I got a couple spare lamp kits from wal-mart (I'm broke) that's basically the light fixture part of the lamp, and the wires that go into the socket.
    I don't know how to tie the wires to the socket, the directions were no help, and so far wikihow has been no help, nor has google. Help? Preciate y'all.
  2. Show us a picture of the lamp and wires.

  3. Alright, one moment!
  4. here's the parts! please help. Also, any other advice is more than welcome.

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  5. POSITIVE and NEGATIVE are Direct Current (DC) terms

    Alternating Current (AC) terms it is:

    HOT-LEG (brass colored screw) and NEUTRAL (silver colored screw)

    On polarized plugs 120volts, the larger prong is the neutral (ground)
  6. What you've got and how you are using it it doesn't matter 1 wire under 1 screw the 2nd wire under the other, do up the screws real tight, give the wires a good tug test, and keep it neat. the larger prong only matters if the exterior metal is grounded and you touch the aluminum part of the socket and the outside at the same time like sticking your finger in it without a bulb while it's on, just dont do that.
  7. Thanks guys, I figured it out over the weekend.
    my plant will be 2 weeks old tomorrow and I transplanted it yesterday, a few leaves were burnt from being too close to the lights, so after transplant I kept the 65W CFL further away, leaving the 26W within 1-2 inches of the plant, now the side that isn't exposed to the closer light naturally stretches towards the 65W as expected, so this morning when I saw that I rotated the plant to keep shit even.
    She seems to have taken the transplant well, but now we're at 13 days and I don't have any food for her.. I've heard Shultz 10-15-10 is an okay budget plant food, and it's definitely within my price range. I suppose I should go run and get some before my next watering? (next watering should be in about 2 days) and use it at 1/4th strength.

    also, she's been on 24/0 since germ. so I think today I'll start her at 18/6
    You can see a burn on 1 leaf, which I'm not so concerned about because clearly the rest of the plant is doing quite well. more pictures coming as they so slowly upload to my PC.

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  9. WELP, THERES THE REST. feedback greatly appreciated. also, yes that's a BUCKET not a pot. and no, I couldn't afford a fucking pot. BIG WOOP, YOU WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT?

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  10. you can probably find some yarrow and aloe vera in your area, there are other types of wild plants to pick and they are indispensable for your plant as botanical teas. a bit of citric acid, found in limes and citric acid powder at the bakery, stops the plant spray rotting so you can spray it on your plant and its uses wont expire fast
  11. and soil drench it
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    What exactly would I do with citrus? put it in a spray bottle with water and mist my plant with it? also, what effect would this have?

    and what's soil drenching?
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    If you can afford $20 you can get jacks dynamic duo, it works well. Is the shultz dissolved in water, or time released. When looking for nutes, you want higher N and lower P & K for veg, and lower N and higher P & K for flower. The shultz may be better than nothing. Stay away from time released ferts if you can, you have no control over when they release and can cause issues. You can also use unsulphered mollases to supplement cal/mag. You can pick it up at Walmart for a few $ in the grocery section.

    Nice avatar by the way, we may be from the same part of town.
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    Thank you. I highlighted that because it's something I've yet to read in the few months I've spent here reading up on growing, and maybe now I'll remember it xD

    the shultz is 10-15-10 for veg., it's water soluable but I have no idea if it's time release or not, although I think I'm going to take your word and shoot for Jacks Dynamic Duo now, because from what I understand Shultz is like last resort shit, and I think I can take $20.

    Would you say my plant looks about right?
    Should I be concerned about the burns on that leaf? I'm 99.9% sure it's a light burn,
    also, should I then cut off said leaf?

    OH and about the power T, I'm not from TN, my family is, and I was raised to be a Volunteer Football fanatic.
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    If it is desolved in water, then the Shultz isnt time released. Time released is the little pellets that slowly dissolve, and will usually say " feeds for 3 months", or some crap like that.

    The plant looks pretty good, although I see what look to be heat or humidity issues with the outer edges curling up a bit.

    I wouldnt worry too much about the one leaf as long as new growth keeps looking good. Some people will clip damaged leaves, but personally I leave them on until they fall off or come off with no resistance. As long as a leaf has green in it, it still has some benefit that your plant can pull from.
  16. Cool beans. I'm gonna go ahead and take a shot in the dark and say it's humidity issues, as I haven't been taking any steps to get high humidity. Vegging plants like 50% humidity, yes?
  17. Is it safe to change my dark period time? it's 18/6, I usually go from 5:30 to 11:30 but because of the weekend, since I don't yet have a timer, I'd like to make it 12:00-6:00 so I can spend the night out this weekend. what's the deal?
  18. [quote name='"stoner4pretend"']Is it safe to change my dark period time? it's 18/6, I usually go from 5:30 to 11:30 but because of the weekend, since I don't yet have a timer, I'd like to make it 12:00-6:00 so I can spend the night out this weekend. what's the deal?[/quote]

    Changing light cycles can induce some stress. Its believed by some that doing it alot, even in veg, can cause hermies. However in some opinions, light cycles are not near as critical in veg and some changes wont cause a problem at all.

    Flower is different and you want to be more strict about changes.

    Personally, I run 24/0 in veg so it isnt an issue. You will most likely be cool though as long as you dont change it every few days to suit your schedule.
  19. What's up playa! I been gone for a while n I'm back! Oh yeah SPI was epic! Females got DEMOLISHED nightly! Wish I could post videos but I don't think You Tube would allow what I got in these SD cards:eek::eek::eek:! Anyways I will b around n watching ur grow n helping out on this one bruh.

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