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Stoner Vs. Six Year Olds. This is an outragous.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PaRaDoX, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Wtf is this for real..?
  2. that cannot be real, and just because some people were stupid before they started puffn, doesn't make everyone dumb that puffs. I feel a need to hack that site and make some revisions.

  3. They claim he's stupid for not participating in the test?

    Anyway, take a look at the comments at the bottom, there the only thing on that page written by someone who isn't completely retarded
  4. That's about the dumbest thing I've ever seen, we had to do cognitive tests in my drug rehab classes. I always got a 100%, always ruined the teachers point that drug users are stupid :p
  5. Lol wow, people REALLY fuckin hate us dont they?
  6. No the children listen to orders, the stoners were just like fuck this shit.
  7. so stupid
  8. i would say this test is just bullshit, just look at who did the tests, Radar magazine? these guys have a fucking fame-o-meter at the links on the top of the page, something any good source for science tests would have. Just look at the comments, they use the word stupider 20 fucking times, the vocabulary of real scientists! Now if the test was not shit, the guys where stoned at the time of the test and we have no idea how much they smoked. If i smoked enough weed i would fuck up on some of those tests too, "Waited three minutes under the impression that it had been at least 10 ("I zoned out for a bit and had some thoughts.")" that seems like something somebody fucked up would do. "research shows stoner Bob is stupider than a head injury victim." because only a fucking head injury victim or a 6 year old would do that stupid shit.
  9. can you say bullshit
  10. DOM: 6 out of 6 (Was able to identify the convex images by looking specifically at eyes and cheeks of image.)

    uh okay
  11. There are numerous complaints I have about this study, however, there is no way I can articulate all of them. But I will say this; lets all get really drunk and perform the same tests on one another... Gotta love people's ignorance huh?
  12. im just angry that i took my time reading that bullshit
  13. haha that things funny
  14. Seriously man.
  15. the fact that the conclusion of each test contains the word "stupider" in ever single one makes me just laugh at this page. Articles credibility = 0
  16. Stuff like this causes me great rage. Spreading lies is intolerable. These people are SATAN. :mad:

    Lucas Hanft is the fool who is responsible for this... I found his email address. I think I will write him a pleasant email.
  17. I just read this and believe that the test was fake. No evidence do they show to show that the test actually took place. No video, no notes, no nothing. It could have easily been made up to make it look like they were against MJ.

    They also dont show the background of the 2 adults. They could have been hobos off of the street that were told to smoke for "science"
  18. hahaha thats what I get out of that also.
  19. This has to be a lie, how could someone that old fuck up a puzzle, that is a box missing one side and you have to get something out of it.....

    They either looked for two mentally handicapped stoners, or this is phony (and im going with number 2).

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