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Stoner Vocab

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WafflesOrDie, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. I think there should be a thread with words or slang every smoker needs to know. So lets make one! Post the word, and the denotation. I'll start:

    Corner (v) To only light the side of the bowl, leaving a fresh green hit for the next person.
  2. Cashed (adj) a bowl ash that has been smoked down to nothing but ash.

    Milkd ; when the smoking device is full of dense smoke and appears to be of a milky substance.
  3. Dank ( ? ): very potent weed
    Zip ( ? ): ounce of weed, called so because it fills a ziploc bag
  4. Canoeing/Running - when one side of the joint or blunt is burning much faster than the other and needs to be addressed immediately.
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    Spark it ( ? ): to light a bowl/joint/pipe/ etc....
    Stash (v): a place were you hide your weed
    Spliff(?): A joint rolled with weed and tobacco.
  6. Roach [Row-Ch] (Noun)
    1. The remains of a joint after it has been put out.

    2. The cardboard used at one end of a doobie to allow one to easily hold their J and smoke it with less leftover 'erb.
  7. match- when two or more people throw down the same amount of weed in a sesh.
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    Carb 1. (n) A hole on the side of a pipe, or bubbler (occasionally bong) used to clear the smoke in the chamber of the piece.
    2. (v) to clear the smoke from pipe, ect.
    -syn: clear

    Slide/ Stem (n) The female, glass piece of a bong, also the bowl, that must be removed to clear the smoke from the bong.
  9. Zone - ounce
    A sweet - a blunt
    Kill - weed
    Backdoor - second hit on the blunt
    Tube - bong
    Piece - smoking device
    Grapes - purps
    Piff - good chronic (mainly haze when this term is used)
    Dro - good chronic (doesnt mean it's grown in hydroponics)
    Elbow - a pound
    Good - chronic (as in "hey man you got any good?" "im tryna find some good")
    Burn down - as in "hey i'm bout to burn down" or "hey can I burn you down?" (just means smoke you out)

    some street smoker vocab..
  10. Wake n' Bake
    Raise n' Blaze (v) To wake up, followed by smoking a joint, bowl, ect.

    Burn n' Learn (v) To smoke before going to class.

    Bud then Bed (v) To smoke before going to bed.
  11. Haha "raise n blaze"
    That's funny man, good one.
  12. Green out: to get so high you pass out
  13. Green out sounds corny as hell.
    Why not just say "I passed out" or "he got high and passed out"
  14. Joint (n) A marijuana cigarette
    Bowl 1. (n) The part of a smoking device where marijuana is placed.
    2. A full bowl (deff. 1) [ex: Lets smoke a bowl before the movie!]
  15. Spoon (n) - A glass pipe
  16. 1.Shell: Meaning to be high. Ex: Damn bruh Im Shell as hell right now.

    2.Mike Vick: Meaning a a 1/4 or Quarter (7grams) of bud. Ex: Yo mane, can I get that Mike Vick for the 35?
  17. Marvin (adj.) - Used to signify intense hunger, originated from South Park character Starvin Marvin

    haha I really think that one is only used in Toronto though, have never heard it anywhere else.
  18. Munchies: when you have the urge to eat food, usually when baked
  19. I like this one!
  20. i have a few i dont think iv seen.

    beat: a bowl that has been smoked to nothing but undesirable ash.

    super negroe: to smoke a blunt roach until its physicaly impossible to hit anymore.

    rollers rights: whoever has rolled a joint or blunt gets to light it up, regardless of whos bud is inside.

    Marco, Polo: a game some stoners play. say one has a bowl packed in a room full of people, they hit it then yell marco. first to respond polo gets deuces on the bowl.

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