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Stoner v.s. Pothead

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by 4smoke2haze0, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. When it comes to labeling people who smoke weed, two words always come to everyones' mind. Pothead and stoner. I've always considered myself a stoner. I think of it as a general categorization. Not bad, but not good. I've always taken offense to being called a pothead, though. It never really came off as positive to me. When I think of the word pothead, I think of that stereotypical pothead from the movies, that dropped out of high school, works an awful job, never showers etc. etc. When I think of the word stoner, I just think of someone that smokes a lot of weed. I'm a normal person, I just smoke mad weed, therefore, I just consider myself a stoner. Any input?
  2. I agree with your opinions on the words but I prefer neither :)
  3. I prefer cannabis connoisseur.
  4. I jus smoke weed bruh... You can label me what you want. I workout every day, I get pretty good grades, I go to work, and I get drunk and smoke weed. Fuck labels lol
  5. idrc what they call me, i jus think there stupid as fuck when they call me a stoner
    or compare me to wiz khalifa
    jus stupid
  6. Stoner is someone who fits the look. If they fit the look and do not smoke "stoner poser" is applied.

    Pothead is always really a derogatory term. Between stoners it is used ironically but between non-smokers/smoker bigots it is used as a hateful term.
  7. Whatever makes the person calling me it feel better...
  8. I'm no different than the guy who buys a 6 pack after a long shift.
    Is he an alcoholic just because he drinks beer after a long days work?
  9. I'm fine being called a stoner. Pothead just sounds too close to basehead in my opinion.
  10. to me the battle is all stereotype, which we need to break or at least shake up a bit.

    when anyone asks me about it or anything, I always tell them its just another word that means you smoke cannabis.

    you wanna call me a reeferhead, potsmoker, maryjmoocher, stoner, whatever, you pretty are just making the observation I smoke the ganj. Well spotted.

    That like me calling my annoying neighbor a dumb woman, or bitch, or cocksucker, motherf___, skank ass mangley ass hoe.... Im pretty much just saying I dont like her.

    Again, well spotted...
  11. Stoner is chill and smoke weed
    Pot head is people obsessed with drugs and that is their life
    Crackhead is a person who does any drug is crazy and the person saying it didnt like

    Thats what it was when i grew up
  12. I have a friend who calls me a pothead, he means it bad but idgaf. I guess honestly I would rather be called a stoner since it has much better "connections" to it. I have a good paying job, can dress nice, get good grades, so honestly I don't think I fit the term pothead. But I guess it's just like, the way I dress around my friends you know? Like around other people, I dress nice, jeans, polo with undershirt; but around my friends it's just t-shirt, sweat pants and beanie you know? I just relax around my friends like anyone else. Dunno just conflicted really.
  13. Ive been called both. My mom even called me a burnout a few times when i was like 16 lmao that shit made me laugh, its not like i had anything else to do with my time. But i just really really like weed now. I dont even smoke everyday anymore.
  14. My dad would call me either "a dope addict" or "just like his sister" ( his sister grew up and did extremely addictive unmentionables and now is addicted to tobacco and collects government payments for being insane) my mom would call me "doper, drug addict, soon to be co ke head" they always assumed i would turn to harder drugs like unmentionables and stuff.

  15. Yea, my parents were always like "you know it's a gateway drug" and chastised my cannabis use and affiliated it with hard drugs. I never moved on to any unmentionables. Not to say I haven't tried any, just never more than once or twice. I'm good with stickin to the ganj : )
  16. I'm a stoner, I'm productive, held down a job (until the baby), went to school, and do everything expected of me and more. My brother in law *was* a pot head. Couldn't get him to get a job in over 5 years even though he had a son, he just couldn't get his shit together while smoking. I guess some people just cant, I get pissed when I'm called a pot head, Im a productive member of society, I'm a stoner not a burned out pot head. (No offence I just don't see how people let it turn them into lazy sloths)
  17. I think both terms are frequently used negatively but it wouldn't bother me to be called either. In Keith Richards biography he called Willie Nelson a "real weedhead" saying that in the morning at least he (Keith) waits ten minutes lol. I think he meant it more as praise than anything else.
  18. straight up pothead right here WADDUP?
  19. It definitely can be pretty annoying if you ever get called a pothead. Potheads are the type of people who fien pretty much.

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