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  1. Background Info - Im a 19 year old male Who lives in the Uk, the girl in question is 18 turning 19 next month, we both smoke weed everyday. I am purely a friend atm and can not be anything more for a while due to some complicated reasons that i dont want to go into right now. However she is incredibly awesome and definately deserves something special.

    So its her birthday next month and i wanted to get her something special but instead of getting her one nice thing i wanted to make her something Unique such as a STONER TREASURE CHEST. The idea basically being that i will find an awesome box, decorate it appropriately then fill it up with stoner goodies :)

    Now finding the right box and decorating it i can do ( Dedicated Art Attack viewer in my younger days :) ), the problem im having is finding cool stuff to fill it with.

    I was thinking along the lines of :
    • Weed (obviously)
    • variety of papers
    • Roach
    • Sweets/candy

    So if anyone wants to contribute ideas to the treasure chest, i would really appreciate it.

    Especially if there are any stoner girls in the forum, i would like to know your opinion on the idea in whole.

    Thanks x
  2. This is a great idea. You could add her favorite kind of drink too. Stoners are always thirsty!
  3. Hot Cheetos and Takis
  4. Omg Flammin Hot Cheetos ftw!
  5. A hollowed out dildo with dryer sheets in it
  6. [quote name='"MOPMan"']Hot Cheetos and Takis[/quote]

    Wat r you? Six?
  7. I told a friend once to roll a fat blunt and write the girls name he liked on it lightly and give it to her.

    He got laid and ppl i know still do this.
  8. i'm gonna do this for my girlfriend next month... +props

    OP: figure out her favorite flavor, buy blunt wraps in that..maybe some flavored papers as well (juicy jay's) maybe a cigarette roller and a cute ashtray or little cheap piece?

    they have these things called roach stones...that'd be the shit, they're like clay or something and have some sick ass designs, i'm sure you could find a dope one and bless her day with one of those in the box too
  9. This is a great idea..Except instead of stoner stuff inside you should just have a giant dildo the size of the box.

    And be like "Its...a stoner treasure chest."

    God that's gangster as fuck.
  10. This is a really cool idea I would love it if someone did this for me but I would really skip the candy/food/beverage ideas and just add more weed or a more variety. She can always pick what she wants to eat and drink after she smokes. You should put it all in a nice little wooden box.
  11. what did he write it with? his semen?
  12. Thanks for the responses!

    Iv decided im going to buy a small wooden treasure chest so we have something to refer to. (pirates are cool right ?)

    In it im going to put an 1/8th some stoner films, nice pipe, gauzes. Variety of papers etc.
    Munch and Drink
    Something Personalised

    Not too sure on the specifics yet but im sure it will come together, please feel free to keep the ideas flowing.

    I will make sure to upload a photo of the final result, when its all finished up :)
  13. You say you cannot be more than a friend right now, if you would ever like to be this might not be the best idea. Don't get me wrong I like to treat ladies right, but something this elaborate is a good way to stay in the friend zone. If you think its a good idea though go with it man you're the one that knows her, and good luck.
  14. ^^ yeah doing this he will be friendzoned forever but he will only learn that if and after he goes through with this.

  15. It is a bit full-on isn't it ? I just want to get her a little something without breaking the bank, which is stoner related and maybe personalised (so its something individual to her, shed definately dig that)

    The problem is i might be going away for several months and i really like her and if something did start up i wouldnt want to leave.

    My thought process was get her something nice for her birthday, keep in contact well im gone. Then when i get back seduce the hell out of her.

    The thing i find so intriguing about her is shes un-predictable, nothing like anyone iv met before. She may not be the most beautiful girl in the word, but she may well be one of the most fascinating.
  16. If theres not a letter confessing your love for her in there, youre not helping yourself...

  17. I think a letter confessing my love is a little dated. Im not even sure exactly how i feel about her.

    Whats the general verdict then?
    Shall i go with the chest or not?
  18. I think he was being sarcastic about the letter.
    Most girls will run away from a guy who is just a friend and yet "so in love with her"(not saying you are). She will think the treasure chest is sweet but it will also make her think she can have you whenever she wants. When that happens a girl loses respect for a guy and you still most likely be friendzoned.

    Remember everybody... girls want what they can't have. If you make yourself too available, too easy, or she knows you think of her as a "goddess" she will lose attraction to you. The saying nice guys finish last really isn't a fluke at all. There is a reason that saying is around.

    But OP this treasure chest idea it's a really good one.
  19. Eye drops, mouth wash or gum. Instead of something to drink maybe some flavoring for water. Crystal light individual packets or those flavor drops.
  20. man dont put a roach in there.

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